Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hee hee... Dogster named me Dog of the Week... and udder News!

Got a chuckle fur ya former Dogsterites.... I got named Dog of da Week... course it's a Ghost Town ovfur dere, but better late than nevfur.... maybe... bol! bol!

It's been a bizee week 'round these parts... Maurice da kitty gots sick and wasn't eatin'-- so everfurry day dey carted him to da vetman to get pumped full of vitamins and meds and fluids. He weren't too pleased wiff dat.

Da good news is dat he seems to be on da mend and eatin' again... thank goodness, cuz his vet bills mighta been cuttin' into my toy budget, ya know??

Da roofers came here last week and put in a new roof... dis week da repairmens came and replaced da soffits dat dose nasty varmint skwirrels chewed holes in (cuz a couple of da old gutters sprung leaks and softened up da wood)...boy, dose skwirrels do some serious damage... grrrrrr..... wish dey would come down onto da ground where's I could give dem da old shake-shake! Skwirrels is nuthin' but rats in fancy duds... crummy lil varmints. On da good news front, when replacin' one area of soffit, I thinks da repair dudes found Fat Sassy Skwirrel-- da one dat wuz always tormentin' me and Whitley-- yep, dey found him-- or whut wuz left of him. Da pest control guys put out some rat bait stations (don't worry, dey are in areas us pups can't get to) and Sassy Skwirrel musta ate some of it... bye, bye, Fat Sassy Skwirrel!! And good riddance to bad varmint!!

Da repair dudes also put in a new door in da sunroom and took out da old ac/heating unit in there cuz when we had an air-conditioner/furnace replaced, we sized up and extended da ductwork into da sunroom.... no need fur a motel type unit in there nomore.

Next week da painters will come and paint da outside of da house... dat sounds like more excuses fur barkin'-- not like Whit needs an excuse, but I duz. And den da gutter guys will come after dat and put on new gutters.

Da old place oughta look purdy good -- well, from da outside anyways--- when it all gets done.

Oh, I almost furgot to tells ya... evfur heard of lay-zee- boys? Momma gots a couple of new ones-- rocker recliners... I luvs it, I tells ya! It are real nice to crawl up on Momma and lay down on da wide arm and get rocked to sleep... just like a babe... ahhhhh..... dat's da life! See-- don't I looks comfy?

Bark ya later, gators!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I's an Influenshul Blogger!! Well, dat's whut da kitties sez....

Thanks to my kitty pals, Travis & Crockett, fur nominatin' me fur da Most Influenshul Blogger Award!! Yippee!! I luvs gettin' awards!!

(Though I suspect dose kitties is butterin' me up so's I looks da udder way whiles dey steals da bacon! Dat's whut one of dem did on Saturday-- a whole piece went missin' and Crockett were caught up dere in da middle of eatin' about a third of anudder piece. My money is on Travis fur da whole missin' one since he were snoopin' up dere and den he ran off -- probably wiff dat piece of da bacon in his mouff....)

So I's supposed to nominate 10 udder bloggers-- which I will, at da end of my post, and tell ya my favoritest song.

Hmm... dat are kinda hard since I likes a lot of songs (I's got a speshul song Momma sings to me, "Finny Face"-- to da tune of "Funny Face"... "I luvs yer Finny Face...".... but luckily fur you guyses, nobuddy have evfur recorded Momma singin' it... probably cuz it would break da recordin' equipments....)....

So which song to pick? As ya probably knows, I's a proud Texas Terrierist, born right ovfur in Cowtown, also known as Fort Worth.... so it's only right dat my favorite songs is about my home state... Texas.... Da furst is a lil ditty 'bout bein' from Texas... hee hee....

Next up is one from Mr. Willie Nelson....

And dis last one is from King George, Mr. George Strait... it sums up how I feels 'bout my Momma and how she feels 'bout me...

Hope ya pups enjoyed da musical interlude... 

Here's a photo of me...chillin' wiff my chicken. Today were a purdy chill day.. well, aside from da fact it were in da 100s! We went on our early mornin' zombie patrol, and Whitley barked at evfurrything and did a zombie imitashun by refusin' to move... Okay, maybe it weren't a zombie imitashun, cuz evfun zombies move in a kinda shufflin' walk and she were plankin'.... Ya heard 'bout plankin', ain't ya? It were a craze a coupla years ago, where ya lays down like a plank in da road, a yard, wherevfur... Whitley seems to have decided to get in on da craze a few years late, but whatevfur...

Now fur passin' dis award forward.... I gives it to....

1. Goose
2. Bella
3. Fizzy
4. Bertie
5. Hazel
6. Misty
7. Freckles
8. Jelly
9. Duncan
10. Ruby

Bark ya later, gators... and don't go plankin' in da middle of da road...

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gone too soon....

Such sad news today... our pal, Jazzi, has gone to da big taco stand in da sky.... Hope ya gets yer fill of tacos, Jazzi... we sure is gonna miss ya... sniff, sniff... evfurrybuddy 'round here has got da leaky eyes...

Here's lookin' at you, Jazzi.... I'll miss ya, buddy....

Bark ya later, gators.....

Friday, August 15, 2014


Please, pals, can ya do me a favor? We has a cat buddy, Inky, who is in a contest. See it here--Cat Contest. Inky is the Number 6 photo... If you can just scroll down dat page and click da button next to his momma's name, Laura Strickland, and then hit the vote button, I would greatly appreciamatate it!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Packages in da mail-- and they's fur me!!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, da Fed Ex man rang our doorbell... Well, ya pups know Whitley and me-- we commenced to a'barkin' and run dat dude right offa our property! Ya can't be too careful wiff dose delivery dudes... dey could be zombiez in disguise!!

Dis one went and left some packages fur us.... Dis wuz da package on Tuesday...

Hmm... wonder whut's in dere....

Look at dis... a nicely wrapped package....Momma were very impressed wiff da presentation, she said.. and the weight-- this sucker was heavy!! Da tag says PawNosh... hmmm... dat looks like how I'd spell dat frenchie word panache.. clever....

Open it, Momma, hurry up!! 

It are a new drinking bowl! Ain't it purdy?? 

Look evfun Crockett gots to check it out!!

Fill 'er up, Momma, so's I can try it out! Quit photo-bombin' me, Crockett!!!

 Yummy! Dis bowl gets da Finley slurp of approval!!

And on Wednesday, we gots anudder package from PawNosh and dis one had 2 boxes inside....

Two smaller bowls dis time... fur me and Whitley to eats outta...

And once again, a kitty has to check it out... today it were Travis...

Us pups ate out dinners that night outta da bowls and we ate ev'ry kibble... we sure likes da purdy glass bowls from PawNosh and Momma luvs 'em... she says they comes with a lifetime warranty and they are so nice and heavy! All of us critters like da water bowl, it keeps da water nice and cool-- evfun Maurice has drunk from it-- and dat's sayin' sumthin'!!

If you is interested in gettin' yer own bowls, go on ovfur to da PawNosh website. They is on vacashun now so they's running a special until August 26th-- 15% off with da code BEACH15. Momma plans on getting some small bowls fur da kitties, they calls dem da Cubby Bowl. Da big bowl is called da Cubby Bowl Deluxe

All da bowls is made from recycled glass, and dey comes in orange or green as well as aqua. They each have a number etched on da bottom and come wiff a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime warranty against breakage. They is hefty and well-built, as well as good-lookin'. Dishwasher safe, but no microwave or oven. Glass is da safest things fur us pets to eat out of... it's da onliest thing da FDA regards as generally safe fur hoomans. 

Actually, I just think Momma thinks they is purdy... she has a thing fur shiny objects...

(Oh, and dis review is just cuz we likes 'em, we didn't get 'em free or nuthin'....)

Bark ya later, gators...

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Me and my Bad Ass

I just wanted to post a photo of me and my Bad Ass.... and tell Goose dat I's so happy I won da Bad Ass since I is known far and wide as a Bad Ass... just ask da skwirrels and rats and udder vermin 'round these parts!!! Thanks fur da Bad Ass, Goose!!

I's Bad, I's Bad, ya know it.....

Bark ya later, gators!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


My pals, Murphy & Stanley, is having a blog hop where us critters tell how we is a part of Blogville. If ya haven't already, hop ovfur dere and enter your info so's evfurrybuddy can meets ya. Here I is, standin' in a field of bluebonnets, our Texas state flower...

My name are Finley Rose and I's a Westie livin' da life in da wunnerful suburban oasis dat is Plano, Texas. Unlike my BFF, Whitley, I's nevfur lived anywheres else but Plano... I visited Whitley in SoCal,  Boston, and Austin, but Plano is always where I's hung my hat. Plano is just north of Big D, known fur JR Ewing, da Cowboys, more retail space per person dan anywheres else in da country, oil barons, cattle barons, and con-spik-u-us consumption! Plano are purdy much da same as da Big D, just a lil bit newer cuz until da 1980s it wuz still a bunch of farmland. In fact, dere are still some farms in da middle of da city and ya sees cows just drivin' 'round. Da cows ain't drivin' 'round, I means ya sees cows when ya is drivin' 'round. Cows don't drive... at least, none I've seen. We calls cows "dinner on da hoof" 'round here cuz dat is whut da youngest daughter usta calls 'em when she wuz lil.

If ya wants to knows whut I likes 'bout Plano, I guess I'd have to say da good sniffs Whitley pointed out, plus da abundant bunny and skwirrel populations... gives us terrierz plenty to terrierize!!

I lives with Whitley and da kitties... Crockett, who, like me, belongs to my Momma & Daddy, Travis, who belongs to Whit's momma, and Maurice, who belongs to Momma's youngest daughter.

Recently, I gots da Shine On Award from Whitley, she are my BFF and belongs to my Momma's oldest daughter.

According to Whitley, here are da rules of dis here award.If ya receives it, dis are what ya is sposed to do.
1. Visit and fank da blogger and who nominated ya. Thanks, Whit!
2.  Acknowledge dat blogger on your blog and link back. Done!
3.  Share 7 random facts bout yourself.
4.  Nominate up to 15 bloggers for da Shine On Award, provide a link to dere blogs in your posty, and notify dem on dere blogs.
5.  Eat a cookie.  What momma?  I made up dat rule?  Well, it are a good one, so I are keepin it.

So on to Nummer 3...

7 Random Facts Bout Me

1. I luvs tangereens!! Luvs 'em!! Dances fur 'em!! Come runnin' when Momma sez "Tangereen, Finley!" Now dis can cause some da fact dat bitter spray don't keep me from chewin', I just views it as seasonin' cuz I luvs dat citrus taste!

2. I wuz born in Fort Worth... also known as Cowtown. My momma wuz also born in Cowtown!! Dat makes us speshul cuz we's da onliest 2 here dat wuz!

3. I is da Queen of Toys... my favorite is da ones Kong makes dat is shaped like a bone and made outta tennis ball stuff... I thinks I's on my third or is it fourth one of dose???

4. One time I gots outta da house and Momma couldn't find me... our old kitty, Jez had opened da door from da house to da garage while Momma had da garage door up cuz she wuz vacuumin' out her Mustang. Momma wuz gettin' reddy to call Dad to come home and help looks fur me and den she looked at her car... There I wuz, ridin' shotgun, waitin' fur a road trip!! Bol! Bol!

5. I views Whitley's Momma as my Back-up Momma. Evfur since I stayed wiff her fur a week in Boston whiles Momma and Daddy moved da furniture backs to Texas, I's laid claim to Whit's Momma as my #2 Momma and I tries to claim her if Momma is bizee wiff sumthin' and I can't sits wiff her.

6. I can smell a new toy 'fore it evfun gets in da house. I's been known to grab da entire bag from da pet store and tries to run away wiff it! Here I is wiff my latest akwesishun, a chicken I gots fur my Gotcha Day!

7. I admits it... just like Whitley has a barkin' addikshun, I gots one of my one. Cat food. I always tries to snag it anytime it are left unattended. Unfortunately, da kitties 'round here don't cooperate and leave me any to eats most of da time. Momma sez dat is fortunate, not unfortunate likes I thinks, cuz cat food duz NOT agree wiff my digestion! Who cares about gettin' da revenge of da Montezuma?? Cat food is da best!

I's gonna just award da Shine On Award to all my furiends... If ya hasn't gotten it yet, ya has it now!! 

Now I'm off to eat dat cookie....or two!!

Bark ya later, gators!