Wednesday, May 23, 2018

It's My 12th Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to me... happy birthday to me... AaaarRRrooOOOOoo.... Today wuz my 12th birthday!! Which means gud thangs to eat, pressies to open-- 12 of 'em!!-- a walkie, and more gud things to eat!!

We started da day wiff breakfast... which wuz a bacon & cheez omelet like I ordered... cooked just da way I likes it... da cheez all melty but not burned like whutevfur Daddy duz to da cheez in dose omelets he makes in da morning dat stink up da house... Momma sez he burns it cuz he won't lissen to her when she tells him how to make it... bol, bol!!

Here I is, stylin' in my new birthday outfit...

Dey has a tradishun of givin' us pups a pressie fur each year old we is-- 'specially once we gits older... so dat meant dat dis year I got 12 pressies... 3 of 'em wuz squeeky toys and I ripped dose open real fast... I's da queen of openin' presents! Da uther wuz lotsa clothes so's I can be stylin' ... in da pics above I is wearin' 2 of my pressies... a jacket dat Momma appliqued and Kinley's momma sewed fur me, and a jumpsuit my Momma made me... guess I's queen of da trailer parks in dis git up! "If can't bring ya to my house I'll bring my house to you!! "

Here's me and my presents-- purdy gud haul, if I sez so myself, which I jest did!

I's a blur, I opens 'em so fast!!

Here's some close-ups of da clothes Momma and Kinley's Momma made me... I's gonna really be stylin' now!!

After present openin' and posin fur da pupperazi, we went on a walkie... 

Me and Brinley

Stylin' in da new tshirt Momma made me....

I got some New York strip steak fur dinner... yummo!

Den it wuz time fur cake... Momma made me a citrus cake cuz I luvs citrus... tangerines is one of my favoritest things!

All in all, I had a purdy gud birthday... yummies fur da tummy, pressies to rip open and pressies to wear, a walkie, belly rubs, play time.... yep, I had a purdy gud day!

Thanks to Dalton and Pipo  and der Growlmy fur dis wunnerful card fur my birthday!!! It's so beeyoutifull!!

Bark ya later, gators!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Flower Friday

Since it are Flower Friday and we ain't done dis in a while, we's gonna post whut's bloomin' in Momma's garden today...

Bark ya later, gators....