Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Texmas, Y'all!

Wow, it's been a longgggggggggg time since I posted to my blog. I've had the itchies really bad this Fall. Autumn is always the worst time of year for me since most of what I'm allergic to sheds pollen in the Fall.

Since I've been so itchy, Momma has sewn me up outfits to keep me from chewing on myself. Daddy says she needs to make them out of Kevlar....bol!

There's been lots of Christmas goings-ons around these parts, inside decoratin', outside decoratin', present wrapping, card makin'-- but what this little white dog wants to know is when is the BAKING going to start?

As official taste tester, I am ready and willing to sample all treats!

Merry Texmas from our house to yours!!

Bark ya later, gators!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How Hot is It??

Well, way down Texas way it has been one heck of a hot summer!! How hot is it, you may ask....

It's so hot.... you get hot water out of both taps!
It's so hot.... the trees are whistling for the dogs!
It's so hot.... the cows are giving evaporated milk! Heck, it's so dry, some are giving powdered milk!
It's so hot... the squirrels are pouring Gatorade on their nutz!
It's so hot... I saw a dog chasin' a cat and they wuz both walkin'!
It's so hot... I discovered asphalt has a liquid state!
It's so hot... the weather service has issued a fat guy in a tank top warning!
It's so hot.... all the cornfields are filled with popcorn!
It's so hot... all the farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying hard-boiled eggs!!

Well, ya gets the idea... down here in Texas it is still boiling hot!! But I am doing my best to stay cool, taking dips in the pool and spending as much time in the air conditioning as possible.... A/C-- a wonderful invention, especially if ya lives way down Texas way... My BFF and pool-ball playing buddy, has done packed up and moved to Austin with her Momma... they are now living with Maurice the Cat and his momma ( the mommas are sisters) and doing their bestest to help "Keep Austin Weird"!

Here's a pic of me relaxin' after a dip in the pool... keep cool out there pups!!

Bark ya later, gators!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pool Ball and Summertime Funtimes

Guess I should tell y'all a little more about myself. I live outside of Dallas in a suburb named Plano. The first Westie in our family was Whitley, who was a present for my Momma's daughter's 16th birthday. When Whitley went to live with her Momma at UCLA, Momma and Dad got me. This summer, Whitley is back home here in Plano with her Momma before they move to Austin next month.

Me and Whitley like to play a game named pool ball. We get on a pool chair float and bounce back balls the people toss to us... and Whitley barks... and barks.... and barks....
Ok, I bark some too, but not like Whitley.
Anyway, this game is a ton of fun and a great way to cool off in the triple digit Texas heat.

Bark ya later, gators.....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July and a Case of Mistaken Identity

Howdy, puppers!! Well, Whitley, me, Momma, Daddy, and Whit's Momma all went to our town's fireworks last night... Momma looked it up on the internets and found where to park and go so's we could see it better than the last time. We had terrific seats and a great view! Dad being Dad, we got there about an hour before the show, so we set up and did some people watchin'-- or in Whitley's case, some people barking! She barked to let everyone know we were there -- with a few more barks thrown in for the fun of it!! They brought along refreshments, including some cold bottled water for us pups--ahh-- that was refreshing! Momma was helping Dad get some water when a man walked by with a rat-- at least that is what I thought it was!
I was off Momma's lap in a flash and zoomed around that guy at least three times-- he was all tangled up!! I didn't catch the rat, which once I got closer I realized it was a Chihuahua, not a rat. No offense meant to my Chihuahua buddies, but it was so tiny I guess I got confused... They untangled the dude and he and the rat, oops, I mean Chihuahua walked away. They strolled by a few more times-- further away, and I kept my eye on that dog.... it might could morph back into a rat at any minute, ya never know!!
The fireworks were louder than I wuz used to, and I kept turning to look at Whitley and her Momma and my Dad-- had to make sure they didn't get blown up!! Plus with that audible fart Whitley did last week, I was double-checking to make sure those noises weren't coming from her!! After Momma administered some belly rubs, I chilled out....

We saw a Springer Spaniel running through the crowd with his leash flying behind him... hope his owner caught him... poor scared pup!

Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure....

This one is of Whitley yawning-- I think she was bored by the whole waitin' thing...

And some fireworks....

Bark ya later, gators!!