Thursday, August 18, 2011

How Hot is It??

Well, way down Texas way it has been one heck of a hot summer!! How hot is it, you may ask....

It's so hot.... you get hot water out of both taps!
It's so hot.... the trees are whistling for the dogs!
It's so hot.... the cows are giving evaporated milk! Heck, it's so dry, some are giving powdered milk!
It's so hot... the squirrels are pouring Gatorade on their nutz!
It's so hot... I saw a dog chasin' a cat and they wuz both walkin'!
It's so hot... I discovered asphalt has a liquid state!
It's so hot... the weather service has issued a fat guy in a tank top warning!
It's so hot.... all the cornfields are filled with popcorn!
It's so hot... all the farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying hard-boiled eggs!!

Well, ya gets the idea... down here in Texas it is still boiling hot!! But I am doing my best to stay cool, taking dips in the pool and spending as much time in the air conditioning as possible.... A/C-- a wonderful invention, especially if ya lives way down Texas way... My BFF and pool-ball playing buddy, has done packed up and moved to Austin with her Momma... they are now living with Maurice the Cat and his momma ( the mommas are sisters) and doing their bestest to help "Keep Austin Weird"!

Here's a pic of me relaxin' after a dip in the pool... keep cool out there pups!!

Bark ya later, gators!!


  1. Aw, keep cool! I love your beach blankie!

  2. Me again - got your message - how about a pic of YOU and the FLOWERS!! Looking forward to it!

  3. That is pretty darn hot!! We have not even hit 90 degrees yet, maybe this weekend! Good thing you got yourself a pool...stay cool, my friend!


  4. I am jealous - wish I could go play in the apartment pool but they don't wanna let dogs in there. UNFAIR!


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