Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Texmas, Y'all!

Wow, it's been a longgggggggggg time since I posted to my blog. I've had the itchies really bad this Fall. Autumn is always the worst time of year for me since most of what I'm allergic to sheds pollen in the Fall.

Since I've been so itchy, Momma has sewn me up outfits to keep me from chewing on myself. Daddy says she needs to make them out of Kevlar....bol!

There's been lots of Christmas goings-ons around these parts, inside decoratin', outside decoratin', present wrapping, card makin'-- but what this little white dog wants to know is when is the BAKING going to start?

As official taste tester, I am ready and willing to sample all treats!

Merry Texmas from our house to yours!!

Bark ya later, gators!!