Friday, February 24, 2012

Notions and Potions and Baths, Oh My!!

Well, Momma took me yesterday to see a new vet, Dr. Shawn Messonnier-- he's a holistic vet and pretty famous what with having a newspaper column and books and all... We's still battling my itchies and Momma wants me to be able to go nekkid, seeing as how summer is coming and will be here before ya knows it. Full body armor don't really work in summer, especially in the Texas heat!!

He told Momma to wash me every day-- that's right, pups, every single day-- with aloe and oatmeal organic shampoo. Plus I gots some stuff to detoxify me, and some supplements for dis, some supplements for dat. The whole goal is to get me less itchy.... but since there are all kinds of herbs for that, we might have to tinker with what and how much in order to hit on the right combo of things....

I liked Dr. Shawn... in fact, I went and pulled a Whitley and barked a big dog I saw outside the glass of his office. Momma didn't know what came over me, I doesn't usually bark the big dogs, dat's Whitley's modus operandi. I's still gettin' my allergy shots, cuz they do seems to be helpin' some, fer instance, I no longer gets ear infections. I got them a lot before my shots.

So today I woke up, got a bunch of pills and potions, then after lunch we took a walk, I got a bath, an allergy shot, and then a nap. It was a wunnerful day fer a walk, warm and breezy!!

More pills and potions tonight.

Thanks to Eddie the Westie over on Dogster for pushing Momma to get me to Dr. Shawn... we jest hope he helps me as much as he helped Eddie.

Bark ya later, gators!!


  1. That is awesome that you saw Dr. Messonier. I am on his list serve and have his books. I am sure he can come up with some good ways to help you, but a bath a day does seem like a bit of a trial

  2. I wish I could get a bath everyday - I luvs baths! Hope the new vet can help your itchies.

  3. Our brother Beemer (who is a Westie Poo) loves to take baths too! Sure do hope you like 'em if you get to have one every day! The most important thing is that your itchies get taken care of! Hope you are feeling better soon!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  4. HEy Farley, I hate baths. I have to get one every week before I go on my visits but the rest of the week, instead of a bath, I get to go swimmin in the river. Now I don't mind that kind of bath at all.

    Only since my surgery, I can't take a bath for like fifteen more days. Which I don't mind at all, cept My Vickie says that also means, NO SWIMMING either.

    Well, I am glad you have found a good doctor who can maybe help you with the itches.

    Talk to you again soon

  5. Oh, I get the itchies too. Doesn't it just make you crazy???? I like to chew and chew on my feet until they are red. I got some spray but I HATE the sprayin' part. I am going to tell my mom to work on some herbs and stuff like you got. My mom goes home to Texas sometimes without me ... maybe we can use seeing your great doctor as the excuse to take me home with her sometime. Good Luck!!

  6. Olá amiguinha ... Passei para dar oi e desejar uma ótima tarde. Apareça para conhecer meu blog.
    Sou a Kippy, e moro no Brasil.
    Fica com o Papai do Céu.
    Aus 1000 da amiguinha ...


  7. OMD Finley, you poor dude having to bath everyday!!! BOL Bathies are not my friends!

    I sure hope the new potions help with your itchies though, you'll be nekkid in the sun in no time ;)

    Teddy xx

  8. Hewo Finley
    So vewy nice to meet you
    You suwe awe a bootiful boy.

    I'm so glad that nice dogtow is going to help you get wid of the itchies..and not having eew infections is Gweat!!!
    smoochie kisses


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