Monday, April 30, 2012

Fiesta Pooch Parade 2012!!

Well, pups, let me tells ya all about the Fiesta Pooch Parade! On Friday, Momma and me packed our bags and headed for Austin. We picked up Whitley and her Momma and we kepts goin' south-- down San Antonio way. That night Whit and me guarded the hotel room while Momma and Whit's Momma went to NIOSA (that means Night in Ole San Antonio-- which is one huge party packed with people downtown at La Villita and then they went to eat at a restaurant on the River Walk.
Bright and early the next mornin', we headed over the the Fiesta Pooch Parade. Momma wuz amazed cuz I wuz so excited about the Parade and all the pups that I didn't scratch myself even once for hours and hours... and Whitley, well, pups, you's gonna find this hard to believe.... "SHE SHUT HER YAPPER!!" Yeah, I know, shockin!!! We gots out of the car and Whit is all "BARK, BARK, BARK" all the way up the hill till we got to where all da pups wuz. Well, there wuz hundreds of pooches, and fer sum reason, dat made Whitley be quiet.
We looked and looked for our Dogster pals, Ebby and Ceeley but there wuz lots of dachsunds and we wuz thinkin' we wouldn't spot them. So's we headed back to the starting line and Momma spotted Ebby!!
There is no mistakin' that grin of Miss Ebby's! And Miss Ceeley-- I don't know what this bad press about grumpiness wuz cuz she wuz as nice as could be wid us! We sniffed noses and everyone wuz relieved we all liked each other! Well, duh, Mommas, we's Dogster buddies!! We also met Ceeley's brother who got to ride for the entire parade route! Lucky dog!

Well, some pups started the parade 'fore the "official start" so we's decided to head out. As we passed a policeman, he spoke into his radio "The dogs are on the move!!! The parade has unofficially started!!" BOL! BOL!

Almost right away, people were lining the parade route to gaze at our magnificence! And bestow treats upon us! They had set up watering stations all along the route and tossed goodies our way. I swear pups, the streets of San Antonio are paved in dog treats of so many kinds it boggled my lil pup mind! And lil kids wuz running out to pet us and admire us and give us more goodies! I thought I wuz dreamin' and never wanted to wake up!

One lady even let us choose from her basket of perfectly arranged goodies-- she wuz the Martha Stewart of the dog treat peeps with her artfully arranged treats!! Oh my dog!!

I gots to figger out how to get Momma to carry me up the steepest hill... Ceeley and Ebby have figgered how to work that angle and that carryin' looked pretty good!

After the parade, Momma and Whit's momma went to EZ's to get a lil lunch before headin' back to Austin. They had the patio all set up for pooches and gave us treatses and water and the Mommas got free sodas if ya had a dog with ya!

I tells ya, that San Antonio place sure likes us pups!!

Here's some pics....

Ceeley and Ebby's Momma

Miss Ceeley

Ceeley's brother

Whitley and me, paradin' down the street

Miss Ebby and her famous smile

A Pooch Parade Float

Bark ya later, gators!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter and Invasion of the Pool Snatchers!!

Well, pups, I had a travelin' Easter weekend. Daddy went to Arizona to see his Dad, so me and Momma went down to Austin to see Whitley, her Momma, Ally, and Maurice the cat.
We wuz leavin' on Friday, backin' out of the driveway, when 2 mallards flew overhead and landed in our
backyard pool.... then 2 more!! Momma pulled back into the garage, fished me out of my crate, and we went into the backyard to get rid of the pool invaders! Momma got these shots before I busted up that pool party! I did my job, rushin' the pool a'barkin', and those boy ducks took that pool party elsewheres!! Momma likes ducks but not the mess they would leave behind!!

Well, we eventually got on the road and made it down to Austin-- me and Whitley got some walks around her neighborhood, some fun playing with the bunnies we gots for Easter, and just had a good time. Maurice did the funniest thing... he started to jump down and swat me then realized it wuz ME and not Whitley, who puts up with his foolishness... and he twisted in midair and jumped up to the back of the couch instead! It looked bizarro!!

Me and Momma came home Monday and Daddy Tueday... all wuz fine... and some new flowers were blooming...

Bark ya later, gators!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not a good day....

Today were not a good day. It started out purdy good. It were sunny and warm and I gots to spend time in both the front and back gardens. But then, when Daddy came home from Half Price books, he told Momma I greeted him limpin'... and yep, I wuz... limpin...
(Daddy goes to Half Price books to buy CDs fer a buck-- it's kinda an addiction with him, Momma sez... and then she sighs...)

Anyhow, they checked me over but couldn't figger out why I's limping. It got a little better by afternoon, but then Momma gave me an allergy shot. C'mon Momma, I's hurt already and you's got to stick me wid a needle???

Oh well... tomorrow are anudder day, to quote that Scarlett O'Hara gal....

I'll leave ya with some more flowers from Momma's garden...

Bark ya later, gators!