Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter and Invasion of the Pool Snatchers!!

Well, pups, I had a travelin' Easter weekend. Daddy went to Arizona to see his Dad, so me and Momma went down to Austin to see Whitley, her Momma, Ally, and Maurice the cat.
We wuz leavin' on Friday, backin' out of the driveway, when 2 mallards flew overhead and landed in our
backyard pool.... then 2 more!! Momma pulled back into the garage, fished me out of my crate, and we went into the backyard to get rid of the pool invaders! Momma got these shots before I busted up that pool party! I did my job, rushin' the pool a'barkin', and those boy ducks took that pool party elsewheres!! Momma likes ducks but not the mess they would leave behind!!

Well, we eventually got on the road and made it down to Austin-- me and Whitley got some walks around her neighborhood, some fun playing with the bunnies we gots for Easter, and just had a good time. Maurice did the funniest thing... he started to jump down and swat me then realized it wuz ME and not Whitley, who puts up with his foolishness... and he twisted in midair and jumped up to the back of the couch instead! It looked bizarro!!

Me and Momma came home Monday and Daddy Tueday... all wuz fine... and some new flowers were blooming...

Bark ya later, gators!!


  1. Those ducks looked pretty happy in your pool. But you did what you had to do. Good job. I wish I had your way with cats. I am having a problem with one right at this very moment. His name is Allred, better know as the Devil Cat. He does not back down from anything. And he lives at a dog daycare and boarding place.
    MOM just loves all your flowers, very beautiful.

  2. you musta scared those ducks good. We were expecting to find they'd come back while you were gone and invited all their friends and relatives.

    Sounds like you had a great time. What a funny cat. You gave him a fright and you didn't have to do anything...BOL!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Love your duck story and totally love your flower photo's - am also sorry you're still itchy - that's a drag and hope you get better soon.

    If there is anything I can do to help e-mail at or find me on Facebook at WESTIES HEALTH -- FROM EARS TO TAIL group page - you may already be a member - so feel free to post a question if you'd like.

    Let me know what food you are feeding - have you been checked for yeast or fungal infection? There are a lot of things it could be - try a little Gold Bond Medicated Powder on the itchy spots and see if that helps - I use that between the pads of Julep's feet when they get a little fungus [due to dampness].

    All the best for healthy westies,

  4. Finley
    What a pawfect way to celebwate Eastew..I love the stowy of the kitteh flipping in the aiw, hehehe and those duckies must have thought they found the coolest hotel fow the weekend in youw bootiful pool, but I think you wewe wight to chase them off cause you know kids on spwing bweak..they make a holy mess, hehehe
    those flowews awe magnificent
    smoochie kisses

  5. Oh, I've been skin tested for allergies, I'm on allergy shots and now I'm going to the holistic vet, too, to see if he can help (we live a couple of blocks from maybe the most famous holistic vet there is, Dr. Shawn Messonier), I'm on a grain free diet, etc... I'm allergic to lots of stuff it's hard to get out of the air, like tree pollens, dust, dust mites, no grasses, but some weeds (drat those neighbors who don't take care of their yards!)... we're just trying to find something to make my itchies tolerable. They tested my thryoid but it came back we'll just keep trying what the holistic vet suggests and my doggie dermatologist, too.

  6. Great job getting those ducks to leave!
    Dachshund Nola

  7. AWESOME pool and flower pictures!!! Gorgeous!! Glad you chased those ducks away too...Chloe is good at that!! Happy Monday!!

  8. Hi Finley - glad to meet you. What beautiful flowers you have there - really amazing. Good work on keeping that lovely pool clear of ducks - if they're anything like our hens they will make a big mess :-( woofs and licks Magic xx

  9. Those ducks should know better!

    You really have beautiful flowers.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. Those are so pretty...but what those ducks doing...don't they know theres a Westie in Town?!?!?!


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