Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rain, rain, go away...

Puppers, we had so much rain this week, I'd thought we's gonna need us an ark!! On Wednesday night it just poured and poured and poured!! Momma drug me out into the pourin' rain and wouldn't let me go in the house until I did my yard art. I coulda drownded, I tells ya!!

And even though we had sunshine on Thursday and Friday, the yard went squish! squish! squish!! every time I walked across it! It were disgustering!! I hates a wet canvas!! Blechhhhh.....

At least it quit rainin'.... finally... and today the yard wasn't so squishy. Hey, I can't help it I wuz borned in a drought! Why in the Heck won't Momma get out there and dry the lawn if she wants me to do my bidness?

Bark ya later, gators!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy 2012!!

Happy New Year, everypup!!

The New Year's startin' off pretty good fer me... I's been gettin' walks, which I like-- gives me an opportunity to leave my personal messages for all the other dogs in the neighborhood for them to sniff.... BOL!

I wuz thinkin' about some New Year's resolutions... but I's purdy much perfect, so why bother?

Momma, on the other hand, could use some... These are the ones I would make fer her...

1. Walk Finley every day-- except when it rains.
2. When it rains, dry the grass before taking Finley out to do her bidness.... you knows how she hates wet grass.
3. Sew more cute stuff for Finley.
4. Make Finley another bed and keep the cat from takin' it over.
5. Give Finley more treats and share your food with her...especially the bacon and eggie weggies.
6. Sit down when Finley wants to take a nap on your lap.. nuthin' more irritatin' than a Momma who won't sit down and let ya sit on her.

That will do fer a start... what do you think, pups?
Any resolutions ya wanna make fer yer parents?

Bark ya later, gators...