Friday, May 24, 2013


Oh, I wish every day was my birthday! I luv, luv, luv birthdays!

Wednesday I turned 7! My day started out with a walk-- and it was so nice and cool-- down in the 60s because we had rain the day before... we saw squirrels and bunnies! And then I got to open a present when we got back-- an elephant toy from Whit's Momma... and then breakfast-- some eggie weggies with bacon! Yum!! And then another toy!! A crinkly sounding trash can that had 2 raccoons you pull out of it... crinkle! crinkle! crinkle!!
Next, we went out for a game of pool ball-- Whitley hogged the ball as usual, but it was a lot of fun! Then opened another toy from Whitley's momma, a Parisian loofa dog! So much fun-- squeak! squeak!! They tried to get pics of me opening my toys but I am the fastest toy opener in the West...bol!!

Well, after all that excitement, it was time for a nap-- so I climbed on Momma and fell asleep-- for an hour and a half!  Whitley and I each got half a cheeseburger from Whataburger for dinner, a tiny bowl of ice cream for dessert, and I got to open my last present... a Woody Woodpecker toy that makes that laff sound every time ya chomp on him! I luvs it!

Well, that was one of the funnest birthdays ever.... I wish every day was my birthday!!