Saturday, January 11, 2014


Well, it is 2014... yikes!! Time has flown... once again, Momma been pretty good about writin' my diary entries on da Dogster place but absolutely awful about writing them here.

But a new year and a new resolution-- to post a LOT more often... in both places!!

We've been havin' the January blahs as far as the weather goes... too cold, too rainy.. but today wuz just  right!! It was a sunny day and in the 60s so me and Whitley got to go for our usual neighborhood walk... which is good cuz we've kinda been drivin' the humans nutso bein' all cooped up!!

In other news, we gots another kitty in the house! Whitley's momma, my Momma's oldest daughter,  got a kitten and he is named Travis.. he is a orange tabby-- my Momma is always calling him Kittencakes and Peach Velvet and she sings this silly song to him to the tune of Blue Velvet... it are embarrassing... she are supposed to only be singing "Finny Face" to me... But he is a really sweet kitten, and fit in really quick around here... Really sweet, that is, unless he decides to play smackypaws on Whit's or my nose!! Well, he is a cat, after all.....
Ally, Momma's youngest, has Maurice da black and white Maine coon and he is HUGE! When he lies around da house, he lies AROUNDDDDD da house!! He are 42" long from da tip of his nose to da end of his tail!
And Jezebel, my favorite kitty, is still here and will be 21 years old on her next birthday in April 2014! That is really old for a kitty!

This is a photo of Jez on da left and Mr. Travis Ford on da right... he luvs da kitties and is always tryin' to snuggle with them!

Below is a photo of Travis with da big guy, Maurice....

That wuz some photos of the ice storm we had in December....
A photo of Whitley with all her birthday toys... she turned 11 on Sept. 12, 2013...

And last but not least, a photo of yours truly and da big guy Maurice...if ya looks closely ya can see whut has our attenshun-- a skwirrel!! We is tryin' to decide who'd get to eat it if we could only get on da other side of da glass. I told him he could have it as long as I got to do da ole shake-shake! ...

Bark ya later, gators!!


  1. Pawsome photos Finn! I wanna do da shake shake on dat squirrel dude too.

  2. Hi Fin! I had no idea you had a blog.
    Bark on!

    1. I's had one fur a long time, Zoe... can you put the link to your blog here?

  3. Holy Cows!!! That's a lot of kittehs you live with Finley! That wouldn't work for me cause I likes chasin' them. Thou, your kittehs look like they would chase me back, so...
    What the heck was that tree rat doin' just sittin' in your yardie??! Shoot, you guys gotta gets your Moms to open a door so you can catch it!!
    And, I loves the terrier shake too!! Fun times...
    Ruby ♥

  4. That's a lot of kitties! We'd have to chase them...'cause that's what they do. That was some ice storm....brrrr. Glad you're finally having a good day!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. I just loves your pretty colourful ice!!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  6. Wow Finley, you actually live with cats! That is so weird for me to imagine. The only cat i know is this one who invades my yard and kills birds. I am afraid of that cat! I've heard mama talking about having a whole house full of pets of all kinds, and having a house full of cats, but when I got here it was just me, (thank goodness!) so she must have come to her senses. I don't know what I'd do if she brought a cat home. Faint I think.

    Anyway, I digress, didn't know you had this lovely blog, but you say above you've had it a long time. So is it alright if I still tell you a congratulations on it? It's nice, and you are doing a lovely job here telling your stories.

    1. Oops! forgot to tell you, this comes from me, Ko Min.

    2. Glad you stopped by, Ko Min! Let me know if your Momma starts a blog for you-- I'll send my bloggin' pals by... and a blog of all your cute photos would be a hit, that's for sure!

  7. I am here, LOVE the Christmas Lights pics ;-)
    Haven't done anything to my Blog yet, mom says she has HUMAN stuff to
    get done today.
    Thanks for link to this place. It may provide some comfort for losing Dogster.


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