Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I's Used to Bein' a Pincushion.... Now I's Swiss Cheez!

Well, as some of ya may know, and others of ya will hear about now, I has allergies... I's allergic to all kinds of dings in da environments.... dings like pollens, and dust, and mold, and such. I's been gettin' allergy shots fur years... dey usta work purdy good. At least once I've been on dem, I don't gets da ear infections I usta... but I still chews and scratches myself.. plum nekkid, I do. I will chew all da hair off myself if I gets a chance. So dat is why I's usually wearin' clothes. T-shirts, and when I'm worse, a full bodysuit with jackets my Momma makes me..Not da purdy dresses she usta make me and that she makes Whitley and me still... those don't keep me from scratchin... Here is a picture from Chrissymus and you can see I's been givin' my poor lil feets heck...

Momma gets sad when she looks back at how I usta look years ago before I gots worser... she has spent thousands of dollars tryin' to find sumthin' to help me... dey's tested my thyroid, but that weren't it.. allergy shots, you name it, we've tried it.

 I's been goin' to Dr. Sean Messonier for over a year... he are a well-known HOLY-istic vet (Momma sez it's holisitic,not holy, but he helps my itchies some, so he's purdy blessed to me) and he had given me all kindz of supplements and potions to help me feel better. I wuz born with a heart murmur, so we's been tryin' to avoid da stuff like Atopica cuz of my immune system-- Momma is afraid it would suppress my immune system too much and I could get cancer or sumthin' like dat....

 Anyways, sorry to bore dose of y'all that already knew dat, but I wuz givin' da back story to those who don't... Today me and Whitley had to go gets our toofers cleaned... so dey took us to Dr. Sean's and we wuz havin' a good time until they dragged us off to the back...neither of us wanted to go..bol! They gave us dopey-stuff and made us sleepy and cleaned our toofers... except for me...

 When I woke up, I had holes in me... little round holes he had stitched up... I looked like Swiss cheez!! Momma sez I are exaggermatatin', but I do have little places where dey took a round punch hole of skin to biopsy... he wants to find out if I has anythin' other than allergies.. said he has had sum pups who don't get better with the supplements who akshually has sumthin' else wrong wid 'em... We don't know whether to hopes I duz, cuz that might mean sumthin' could make me better, or hopes I duzn't... but we'll find out next week.

 Well, dey gave me a kinda dopey stuff that is easier on us pups with da heart murmurs, but it's got sumthin' like more-feen in it, so's I still kinda sleepy. At least my smile is purdy agin...

 P.s. We just learned dat our lwd friend, Zaidie, has been super itchy too... we's feels so bad fur ya, since we knows whut ya are goin' through...(sniff, sob... da thought of dat cute lil fella sufferin' like I duz... well...)

 Bark ya later, gators....


  1. Oh Finley, that's awful that you have all those allergies and have to be itchy. At least you have a mum who's TRYING HARD to find a solution. We hope the biopsy yields some information that can REALLY help you. Good Luck. We'll keep our paws and fingers crossed.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Poor Finley! First you's itchy and have ta be a pincushion. Now they take a paper punch to ya.
    It nefur ends, the torture.
    Hmm, maybe in a past life you was a Chinese Crested or sumfin.

    Hope the vetman can figgur out sumfin to help ya.

  3. Well, heres hoping the Swiss Cheese look finds the problem, oh drats about the allergies stuff, not fun, Or Mom has them bad also!

    The Mad Scots

  4. Oh, Finley, I feel so bad for you. I sure hope the vetperson can figure out what is causing it. Take care and make sure you gets extra treats today!

  5. Poor Finley. Your little feets look like they hurt! I hope the dogtor can figure it all out for you!

  6. OiVey!
    You poor pup. Glad your teeth are sparkling, but now your skin...I only have itchies once in a blue moon, so I haven't really got a clue how you feel, though growlmy had some issues with her skin, and the itching was enough to drive her mad.
    I hope you will get better, once the trouble can be figured out. POTP, Finley.
    Now go sleep off the pain meds...

  7. Hope they figure it out! Pretty soon they will be putting socks on you. I have the itches but only when I eat wheat. Now I don't get any of the good stuff…only the wheat free bland treats. Feel better!

  8. Poor Finley. Me and Momma feel so bad for you. Sure hope relief can be found quick!

  9. Finley, I have something furry similar to that and I can totally relate. It has a long Latin name which I can't PURRnounce, and I've had it since I was a year old - the only thing that seems to help is cortisone shots, which Meowmy and I are not crazy about, but they keep my itchiness at bay fur at least seFURal weeks, until it starts up again. I so sorry you are going through all that, and Meomwy and Humphrey and I are sending lots of love and purrs that your White Coats can find a cure fur this fur you! Love, Roger Bleu

  10. Hope da vet can figure out something to help you!

  11. You forgot da part about how all my barkin' got us sprung from da vet early!

  12. We feel for you Finley. We knows that's tuff to go through. I have to be on medicines for the rest of my life for my disorder. I was born with it. My vet says its genetic disorder? I also has allergies. Right now I have the most hair I've had since last year. Big hugs to you.

    The vet says it can do in remission. that's why I feel better and stuff.

    Spunky and the gang

  13. Me and mom hope you'll be ok and they figure stuff out to help you more! PoP!

  14. Finley, how dweadful fow you and so wowwying fow yoow mama..i do luvs swiss cheese, but woold like you to stay a fuwwy kid not a cheese one..i chomp on my feetses and itch a lot too and get supplements and stuff, but nothing has stopped it fow me so faw..i hopes the dogtow can figoowe out a way to help you my sweet fwiend
    Smoochie kisses

  15. Yur feetz wook so sore in dat pichur, sweet gurl *sob* I hope dem r gonna figure out how tu helb yu more. Pweeze du nod werry 'bout me. Nexx Wed. I r goin' tu bisit a dermatologist bet dogtor an' we r gonna ged tu da bottom of my nastee sores. Eberyfing r gonna be ok <3

  16. Finley, a bit late in catching up with this post, but Gail and I are very sorry to hear about your itchy problems. Her old Hamish used to suffer from this two, and a local vet once told her that he thought about 80% of Westies in the Aberdeen area had some kind of skin allergy problem. With Hamish, the only thing that worked in the end was intermittent doses of steroids - a high initial dose then tapered off over 2-4 weeks. He would then be OK for several months and then it would flare up again. None of the other remedies seemed to make much difference, although bathing in an oatmeal based shampoo may have eased things a bit.
    Finley, it seems your Mom is trying very hard to help you. I hope you can keep comfortable.
    All the best,
    Bertie (and Gail).


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