Monday, February 3, 2014

Vet Results and other news...

Well, my vetman, Dr. Sean, called today. No mange or nuthin' like that, but they found some back-tear-eeal growth in my hair follicles-- couldn't get it to culture but da vetman thinks it are probably some kinda staph (at furst I thought Momma said staff and I thought maybe I was gettin' a new secrementary or sumthin')... so I's on Auntie Bioticks for a couple of weeks or years or sumthin', a cream to put on my skin after baths, and da wurst thang of all.... DAILY BATHS after my stitches come out in a couple of days... yikes, waterboardin' ev'ry day in da Winter... dat's da wurst!! Dey's also lookin' into switchin' me from shots to takin' da al-er-gee stuffs under my tongue..sub-ling-y'all...

Here's a photo of me and Whitley... my head is on her heinie... back then, I weren't as itchy as I is now... Momma hopes that I can get more comfy with the new treatment, I hopes so, too...

My Momma's momma fell and broke her hip on Saturday... she had surgery on Sunday and so far, so good.. any prayers you can spare for her to have a quick recovery is appreciamatated..

At least this last week Momma finally got all the holiday stuff put away... I wuz startin' to wonder if she evfur would.. dat flu she got on Christmas really put her behind..

In other weird newz... any of you pups have a cat that can baa like a sheep?? Travis da cat tried dat da other day and Maurice has tried barkin'... I think we has da oddest kitties around these parts, maybe it's sumthin' in the Texas water???... bol!!


  1. Well, we hope Aunty Biotics does her stuff and that is the end of those itchies.

    Bella came with demodectic mange and had to drink Sheep Dip every day for several weeks....but it got rid of those little mites.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We'll keep our paws crossed for you Grandma.

  2. Sure hope those meds do the magic they are intended to do! Itching is just no fun at all.

    Woofs & licks fur your Grammy, too. And pawyers, too of course.

    Hmmm, the kitties here do a lot of yowling and mrowing, but no sheep speak or woofs, BOL!


  3. Oddest kitties??? Really??? What about you dogs, you're pretty bizarre.

    Speaking of staph, I could use some new staff. Four human slaves are not enough to feed me whenever I demand feeding.


  4. Hope da Auntie Byotics will help with da itchies BFF!

  5. Oh nooooos, daily baths?! But you know, that does make a lot of sense and hopefully you can keep in mind how wonderful you will feel afterwards - Meowmy can't give me those, but sometimes my White Coat does, and it helps me a lot. I just got finished with a round of antie biotics too, and my skin looks a lot better so I am hoping yours help you too. Mine were pink liquid drops that tasted like *cringe* bubble gum (!!!) which you might like, because I know doggies are more open minded about flavors, but as a kitty I gave them two paws down in the taste dePURRtment. It sounds like you have a furry good White Coat and Humphrey and Meowmy and I are holding wonderpurr thoughts fur you to feel much better and of course, your grandmother too - we hope both of you are healthy and in the pink (but not like my medicine) furry, furry soon. I know how it is to have those chronic skin PURRlems and it's not fun, but your Mom is taking fantastic care of you, and your friends are sending you lots of love - purrlease keep us posted.

    Love, Roger Bleu

  6. finley...St Fancis blessings two ewe N sendin prayers yur way for yur gram...ouch, that had ta hurt like "de bad place with flames" ....

  7. OK, paws are crosse for Grandma. Oh puppers here's hoping them meds work, wowsa a bath every day, you are gonna get fluffy looking!

    The Mad Scots

  8. Sending lots of love and prayers to you and Gma. We hope the new meds work better for you and that Gma recovers quickly and can go back to enjoying her life.

  9. Paws crossed for your grandma, Finley. And paws crossed for you too. Hope the new meds will help you.

  10. Hope your itchies get better soon. Praying for your Grandma and Momma. Get well so you can wear one of your pretty Valentine dresses and send my heart to fluttering! Bol

  11. Oh dears! Sure sounds like you guys have had a busy week! I sure hopes those pills will clear up your skin Finley! Nothin' worse than itchin' fur sure!! Oh, and water torture DAILY??! Oh man!! Sorry bouts that. That sucks.
    I sure hopes your Moms Mom is feelin better soon!! Oh my, I am sendin' all the healin' vibes and AireZens your way!!
    Ruby ♥

  12. I will send special get well wishes to your Grandma. Those daily baths sound horrible but if it helps you get better it is worth it.

  13. Sending healing "Aire-Zen" to your Grandma and to you too, Finley.
    Not sure there is a cure for your cat :D


  14. Sending cairn healing kisses to your hooman gramma and also hoping dose ole itchies goes away fur you!

  15. Crikey Finley ... that picture of you is way too cute ... you looked a bit sad though!! Your pussy cats baa and woof? Too funny ... you should here the noises that come out of those pussy cats when I'm done chasing them. Lots of hissing goes on. They scare the living daylights out of me.. Its alright while I'm chasing them but when they stop and I stop they turn into hissing, scratching maniacs.
    I'm awful sorry you have to have those bath things. Every day ..... that's just NOT RIGHT!! Hope it helps those itches though. Mum and I will keep sending love and prayers to Grandma.

  16. hope those antibiotics heal you up real quick Finley. And sorry about your nan, hope she heals really quick. xoxo Rudy and Izzy


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