Friday, April 25, 2014

Our flowers....

Well, part of da excuse dat Momma makes fur neglectin' her secrementarial duties as regards my blog is  dat she's got some gardenin' to do. Now I luvs da flowers and evfun enjoy sniffin' em sometimes, but I still thinks dat is no reason to fall down on da job. But since she knows some of ya is just now gettin' some Spring, we thought we'd share some pics of our Spring 'round here...

First comes da azaleas...

And along about da same time as the azaleas comes da bearded irises....

And there are more on da way... Momma picks ones that bloom at different times so we has irises fur a couple of months (followed by daylilies). A lot of da orange ones in pots are gonna go in da area of da garden where Charlie and Jezebel, along with Hank the basset's ashes,  are buried. Momma is ordering some orange daylilies and some orange and black ones fur Jez's area... and next fall will order some orange and black irises for Jez's area, too. She is gonna plant some peach and orange roses over there, too...

We also has some dutch iris, siberian iris, and roses bloomin'.....

My momma is such a gardenin' nut, she evfun has flowers in da house! Here is an orchid that just started bloomin'...

On Thursday, we opened da pool for POOL BALL! I evfun got in and played some. Dey got us a new float since da old one was fallin' apart... And today we did our usual zombie patrol of da nayborhood... we saw a bunch of skwirrelz but dat wuz purdy much it fur da zombiez....

As the chuckle fur da day, here is a pic Momma took of Travis da cat LOOMIN' ovfur da people tryin' to snag some bacon. The lil stinker got more bacon than Whit & me did this mornin'... sumthin' about us not eatin' all our breakfasts or some such nonsense....

Bark ya later, gators!


  1. They are pretty flowers, I bet they taste FANTASTIC!

  2. Wonderful blooms there! OMD!
    My growlmy has a black thumb by comparison...

    We all giggled at Travis!

  3. Yeah, it were unfair dat he got bacon - I mean, we even saved room for it and didn't get any!

  4. Crikey ..... that Travis ..... he sure loves his bacon, aye?? Mum's drooling over those flowers. Weird my Mum. She LOVES flowers AND birds. To look at ..... not to eat!! Weird, aye????

  5. Those are mighty purty blooms!!! My Ma has her plants bloomin' rights now too!
    And your right, the Moms spend WAY too much time doin' that than our bloggies!!! I thinks this needs to change Finley! I don't knows how to change it butts I'm gonna thinks about it and gets back to you...
    anyhu, you gots NO BACON???! What?? Pffffft! Who gives the kitteh the bacon and not the doggies??? Not right. Just not right...
    Ruby ♥

    1. We got a tiny bit, but the Mommas wuz mad cuz we didn't eat our breakfast.. so we didn't get more than one tiny bit each. Travis ate his breakfast, so he got a couple bites. Of course, Travis eats everything that isn't nailed down, so that ain't no real accomplishment fur him, ya know? In fact, if you go read his blog (Lone Star Cats), there's a gross story of him eatin' sumthin' he shouldn't have...silly cat.

  6. At least your mum is doing SOMETHING right...even if she's neglecting your blog.

    The flowers are beautiful. We have an Iris Farm near us...they have some incredible blooms.

    Hey, Travis is a flower, too. A bloomin' idiot! (We crack ourselves up sometimes.)

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

    1. He ain't that dumb... he got more bacon than I did!!

  7. You guys gots enough flowers for the whole town, stuff around here is just starting to pop out. Like we told Whitley, you guys stay safe tonight, we gots our storm cellar ready to go!

    The Mad Scots

  8. What beautiful flowers you have down there....just lovely! Thanks for sharing with us. Made the ugly day so much temps. this week were 68-72
    We had some very nice temps. this week. The days without the high winds we sat outside in the sun. Today was high 50 but wind is so harsh it is cold and had to have a sweater. The wind was vibrating the house windows. They are not old windows....
    I love the chance to snag bacon....Gma doesn't fix it often,since she has to watch the salty stuff. We are having some beautiful bi-colored corn on the cob for supper. 1st. of the growing season. Suppose it came from Texas or a desert state?
    I chased my 1st. striped gopher this week...Turned over a batch of baby garter snakes...2nd. set of twin calves born today. Have a pawtastic weekend,Mazy

    1. Wow, you've been bizee Miss Mazy!! Scary sounding wind... hope we don't get none of that with the storm they're predictin'!!

  9. Wow, you have a lot of the Iris's.They are just gorgeous. We have a few of those but they haven't bloomed yet. Your flowers all look just terrific. Hope you have a fun day.

  10. You sure have a lot of pretty flowers maybe I should come over and water them for ya. hehehehehe

    Aroo to you,

  11. Yur fwowers r beeyooful, Missus Hawwis!! Whu knowed dere wuz so many bawieties ob iwises?? I bet yu can tell dat my Momma r nod a gardener! Nope. In hur fambly, gardenin', sewin', knittin' an' all uber cwafty-type stuffs skipped a genewation! BOL :D Hur r weal gud at onwine shoppin', doe. BOL!


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