Thursday, April 24, 2014

Road Trips, Awards, and Catchin' Up....

Dis are gonna be a kinda long post cuz my secrementary has been woefully inadequate as of late cuz of Easter, makin' da Easter eggs, Easter dresses, gardenin', etc... I appreciamatates all da sewin' she duz cuz I wouldn't have dresses & vests and all my onesies dat keep da pollens off of me, but she needs to get her tushie in gear as far as my blog goes...

Roadtrip Nummer One:
Furst, we (me, Whitley, da mommas and Ally) went to see Momma's folks down in Kerrville... dey are really nice and I gots to snoopervise me some barbequin'... I always snoopervises da outdoors grillin'...

Yep, dat are me in da background while my Momma's Daddy are grillin'.... I nevfur leaves meatz unattended on da grill... ya nevfur knows when some burd might swoop down and steal it or some evil skwirrel try to steals it. So I stays dere and guards it. Always.

Whitley barked da pups next door, da deer dat came by, you name it, she barked it. She are a barkin' machine. 

On da way home, we stopped at EZ's in Austin and I begged fur some food....
Wouldn't you share your food wid me? Dat face worked on Momma and she gave me some of her chicken sandwich...yum!

Road Trip Nummer Two:
Den dis week we tooks a road trip to Ennis, Texas, about an hour from here and followed da map dey puts out of where to see da flowers... we saw lotsa purdy flowers...

Today we went fur our walk and den I gots a bath. Again. Right now I's gettin' 'em every udder day cuz my itchies is bad cuz of all da pollen. But it sure are a purdy time of year 'round here. Momma's garden is bloomin' all kinds of purdy flowers.... but I's gonna make her wait until tomorrow to show ya.

I gots an award I gots to answer cuz Whitley gave me dis here award... Thanks, Whitley!

Dis award are da Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! Award and it were created by Nerissa to celebrate 100,000 visitors to her blog.  Wow, dat are a lot!

There's a few rules fur dis award and here dey is:

1.  Post da award on you blog and thank da blogger who gave it to you. Done.
2.  Visit at least three of da other blogs dat are receiving da award along with ya and leave a comment. Done.
3.  Tell us three things ya has to celebrate.  Ya know, three things fur which you are thankful.
4.  Pass along da award to seven other bloggers and let dem know you have done so. Done.
5.  Enjoy a tasty treat!

Ok, so here's my three things I's thankful fur.....
1. Walkies... I luvs my walkies. It are my chance to patrol da nayborhood fur skwirrels, bunnies, zombies, and zombie skwirrels. 
2. Belly rubs. They's da best. I just crawls up on da nearest available lap and flops over like I'm sittin' right upright next to 'em. Dat are their clue to start rubbin' my belly. 
3. Toys. I's da Queen of Toys. I luvs, luvs, luvs toys. I can smell when a new toy comes inta da house. I has been known to grab da whole bag from da pet store and try to run away wiff it.  All toys is good toys and all toys is mine. Even if dey aren't. 

I's nominatin'...

And just fur grins, I's gonna show ya a funny foto Whitley's momma took of me....bol! Off to get my goodie!!

Bark ya later, gators!!


  1. Dem road trips sure were fun weren't dey BFF??

  2. Luvin dat last photo of you - MOL!

    1. I wuz thinkin' about eatin' dat treat your Momma wuz holdin'....

  3. Those are gorgeous flowers!

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

    1. We luvs springtime in Texas-- bluebonnets everywhere!!

  4. Love the pics Finley! Glad you are back and barkin'

    1. Now to just keep my Ma updatin' like she should!

  5. You HAVE been a busy pup! Purty blooms and a purty pup with em!

    Great to hear your barks & woofs again.

  6. finley...waddya meen ya eated chcikn vizshuz squirrelz ewe mite a spotted musta made ewe inn sane for a breef moe mint.... glad ewe R bak ta yur surf N turf kinda self....steak :) !!! ♥

    1. Hey, da only good burd is a dead burd I say... preferably grilled!!!

  7. all have been VERY busy!! We love your boo-bonnets! Our Mama and Daddy went to Austin last week...and we gots some boo-bonnet pictures for Flower Friday tomorrow!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    1. There wuz lotsa bluebonnets down 'round they gots some good pics!!

  8. OMD, those flowers are AMAZIN'!!!!!! How in the worlds did you ever leave??? I would have just sat right there and stared and stared and looked for tree rats! BOL
    Congrats on your awardie Finley!!!! And THANKS bunches for givin' it to MOI !!
    Oh, I am soooo with you on the bag from the pet store!! I to try and grab it and run...butts Ma always catches me...someday....
    Ruby ♥

    1. Those flowerz smell good, too... it were very hard to leave dose fields...

  9. Many congrats on the award. Hey Dad has been to Ennis a lot, has seen all the flowers along the interstate and side roads, thats something!

    The Mad Scots

    1. Yep, they had lotsa purdy flowerz-- lots 'round IH35 too... it were a purdy good year fur da flowerz...

  10. Crikey Finley ..... you and Whitley have sure got my Mum thing about Texas. She reckons if she ever had to live anywhere other than Australia she would go to Texas. Those pictures are soooooooooo beautiful!! I'd sure like to go rompin' in those fields of flowers!! Fair dinkum!!
    You did a real good job of guardin' the barbie. I gotta do that at our house too. We got kookaburra's that LOVE sausages or any kind of meatz. I LOVE sausages and meatz and I sure won't let them eat anything I can't have.
    That's some good lookin' tongue you got there, aye??

  11. Glad y'all got in some family time and some good home cookin. Love your photos.

    Aroo to you,

  12. Finley we love seeing the beautiful fields of flowers. Did Lady Bird Johnson plant all those flowers in Texas? You sure got a big tongue bet that makes things taste twice as good,
    Sweet William The Scot

  13. OMD,Whit! You gals has been so very busy! Your road trips sound just pawsome! I never abandon watchin' the grill either...I'm afraid the barn kitties would run off with my meatz! A hawk fly by and snatch it up......Condogulations on the award......
    Hugs and kisses,mazy


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