Thursday, May 1, 2014

My Sunshine Award

Yeesh, Momma is gettin' furgetful... seems Whitley awarded me da Sunshine Award and my Momma/secrementary nevfur got 'round to writin' down whut I had dictated... I tell ya, all dat gardenin' of hers is gettin' in my way-- today I had to wait fur zombie patrol while she hacked down some more of dose holly bushes (trees!) in da backyard. She don't like 'em cuz dey's huge and take up too much room and has prickly leaves... she wants sumthin' that blooms. If it don't bloom, she don't want it. (Well, she makes some exceptions to dat rule, but not many...) Hmm.... I better work on bloomin', I guess....

Back to my Award... Whitley of Whitley Westie gave me dis award...

Da Sunshine Award are given by bloggers to other bloggers dat dey admire.  Here are how dis award works...
1. Thank da person who gave you da award. So fanks Whitley!
2. Name ten things bout yourself dat others might not know.
3. Pass the award on to ten other bloggers (be sure to shows da Sunshine Award logo so dey can use it too)

1.  I loves tangerines! Most pups don't like citrus, but I comes runnin' when Momma sez, "Tangerines, Finley!!

2.  I quacks like a duck if I goes on a walk with just a leash and my collar... so I always has to use my harness and leash...hee hee...

3. I has been known to cuddle wiff cats...

4. I likes to steal my Daddy's spot in da big bed when he gets up to go to work...  I snuggle under da covers and duz my best Daddy impersonation, 'cept I don't snore...

5. I luvs belly rubs... I will give ya a quick kissie and den flop ovfur to gets my belly rubbed... which might explain #6...

6. I frequently sleeps belly-up... the better to facilitate belly-rubs??????

7. I has a deal where I sits upright next to ya in your lap like I was a hooman... the better for ya to rub my belly... Momma sez it comes from Daddy holdin' me like I wuz a hooman baby when I was a tiny pup... it progressed to me sitting up in his lap like I wuz a person...

8. I hates, hates, hates being rubbed with a towel. So when I gets my frequent waterboardin', they has to wrap me up in towels and hold me fur a while while I's blotted dry... I gots my peeple trained real good...hee hee...

9. I's a fearsome varmint killer... I's killed a couple of rats and a field mouse, too! Two shakes and they're done fur!! Then ya brings them to your folks and lays dem at their feet... they is overcome with emotion, I tells ya!!

10. I plays pool ball, Whitley taught me how...

But I ain't as nutso about it as Whitley is... I prefers to spend my time outside chilling on a lounge chair...

I's givin' dis award to....
2.  Sully
3. Zoe
4. Buddy
6. Lacey
8. Ruby
9. Bertie
10. Travis

Well, dat's all fur now.... except one more thing.... don't furget to take time to stop and smell da flowers... I duz that, too.....

Bark ya later, gators........


  1. Cuddle with cats....and quack like a duck....hmmmmmm...we'll have to think about that!

    Congrats on your award. We loved finding out things about you!

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

    1. Don't knock cats until ya tried it-- they is great counter-surfers fur us height-challenged pups... dat tortie up dere once brought down a babyback rib to share with me...

  2. Ok, so's with number 4, yur Dad has wild hairy hairs on his face? Bol!

    Have a great day sniffin, snoozin an splashin.

    1. Just his eyebrows... bol!! Dey really ain't dat crazy...yet.

  3. finley....conga ratz on yur awards but ewe noe.... ewe iz gonna bee in for it coz ewe used a cuzz werd heer.....answer ta # 2.....

    :) :)


    1. Well, dat quackin' sound is caused by me pullin' on my leash too much-- I gets excited on my walkies... so in order to not sound like an evil burd, I wears a harness... sorry fur da profanity....

  4. Well first up, a big congrats on the award, you do seem to make the sun shine every time we read your blog. Second, thanks so much for thinking of us, we will get out a post next week.

    The Mad Bagpipers

    1. Thanks, Susie & Sidebite! I looks forward to learnin' more 'bout y'all.....

  5. Congrats on your well deserved award Finley!! We just love getting to know you better!!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  6. CONGRATS on your awardie Finley!!! Mighty deserving indeed!! And THANKS bunches for passin' it along!!! You are one sweet vermut killer!! (oh, BTW, I likes it too!!)
    Oh, I do likes the belly rubs! and sleepin' on my back! Hey, are we related somehow??? BOL
    Loves your answers, and thanks again!
    Ruby ♥

    1. You're welcome, Ruby!! A lot of us terriers duz da belly up thing, I've heard-- the better to get belly rubs, I thinks!

  7. Oh my dogs, thanks for the award. I will try to do put it on my blog this weekend. A word to the wise, you might want to rethink cuddling with cats. My mom's cat Shit is very vindictive one minute all cool and the next she's an attack cat....her name isn't Shit for nothing.

    Aroo to you,

    1. We only gots nice kitties 'round here... Miss Jez is in da pics above and she wuz here when I wuz just a wee pup. She taught me to respect kitties... and she wuz my furiend. I misses her lots.......

  8. Fanks for da award Finley. I like da belly rubs and sleepin belly up too!

  9. Dat picture of you cuddled up in da bed are just too cute!

    1. Momma gets da giggles when she sees it...

  10. Only time I like me a belly rub is in the morning when the peeps furst wake me up...
    I like kitties too, but they don't wanna snuggle with me at all...tho Minko will come close by...Pipo hates me, sigh...

    Human beds are off limits fur the furry ones here...

    Nice blooms you got there!

  11. Thank you for the nomination Finley! My typist is thinking hard about my next blog entry for this award. Loved all the pictures and getting to know you better!

  12. Quacks like a duck? Likes tangerines? Cuddles with cats?
    Good job you said that stuff about being a varmint killer Finley. I was beginning to worry that you were any kind of a terrier at all.
    Toodle pip!
    PS Thank you so much for nominating me for the Sunshine Award, but I regret to have to tell you that Gail is very strict on this matter and has never ever allowed me to accept any awards at all, on the ground that I am quite big-headed enough as it is...

  13. Bentley loves belly rubs too! Pierre hates to be cleaned up. It must be a Westie trait!

  14. Finley, mom finally wrote up our Sunshine Award. Thanks so much for the nomination.


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