Tuesday, July 15, 2014


My pals, Murphy & Stanley, is having a blog hop where us critters tell how we is a part of Blogville. If ya haven't already, hop ovfur dere and enter your info so's evfurrybuddy can meets ya. Here I is, standin' in a field of bluebonnets, our Texas state flower...

My name are Finley Rose and I's a Westie livin' da life in da wunnerful suburban oasis dat is Plano, Texas. Unlike my BFF, Whitley, I's nevfur lived anywheres else but Plano... I visited Whitley in SoCal,  Boston, and Austin, but Plano is always where I's hung my hat. Plano is just north of Big D, known fur JR Ewing, da Cowboys, more retail space per person dan anywheres else in da country, oil barons, cattle barons, and con-spik-u-us consumption! Plano are purdy much da same as da Big D, just a lil bit newer cuz until da 1980s it wuz still a bunch of farmland. In fact, dere are still some farms in da middle of da city and ya sees cows just drivin' 'round. Da cows ain't drivin' 'round, I means ya sees cows when ya is drivin' 'round. Cows don't drive... at least, none I've seen. We calls cows "dinner on da hoof" 'round here cuz dat is whut da youngest daughter usta calls 'em when she wuz lil.

If ya wants to knows whut I likes 'bout Plano, I guess I'd have to say da good sniffs Whitley pointed out, plus da abundant bunny and skwirrel populations... gives us terrierz plenty to terrierize!!

I lives with Whitley and da kitties... Crockett, who, like me, belongs to my Momma & Daddy, Travis, who belongs to Whit's momma, and Maurice, who belongs to Momma's youngest daughter.

Recently, I gots da Shine On Award from Whitley, she are my BFF and belongs to my Momma's oldest daughter.

According to Whitley, here are da rules of dis here award.If ya receives it, dis are what ya is sposed to do.
1. Visit and fank da blogger and who nominated ya. Thanks, Whit!
2.  Acknowledge dat blogger on your blog and link back. Done!
3.  Share 7 random facts bout yourself.
4.  Nominate up to 15 bloggers for da Shine On Award, provide a link to dere blogs in your posty, and notify dem on dere blogs.
5.  Eat a cookie.  What momma?  I made up dat rule?  Well, it are a good one, so I are keepin it.

So on to Nummer 3...

7 Random Facts Bout Me

1. I luvs tangereens!! Luvs 'em!! Dances fur 'em!! Come runnin' when Momma sez "Tangereen, Finley!" Now dis can cause some problems...like da fact dat bitter spray don't keep me from chewin', I just views it as seasonin' cuz I luvs dat citrus taste!

2. I wuz born in Fort Worth... also known as Cowtown. My momma wuz also born in Cowtown!! Dat makes us speshul cuz we's da onliest 2 here dat wuz!

3. I is da Queen of Toys... my favorite is da ones Kong makes dat is shaped like a bone and made outta tennis ball stuff... I thinks I's on my third or is it fourth one of dose???

4. One time I gots outta da house and Momma couldn't find me... our old kitty, Jez had opened da door from da house to da garage while Momma had da garage door up cuz she wuz vacuumin' out her Mustang. Momma wuz gettin' reddy to call Dad to come home and help looks fur me and den she looked at her car... There I wuz, ridin' shotgun, waitin' fur a road trip!! Bol! Bol!

5. I views Whitley's Momma as my Back-up Momma. Evfur since I stayed wiff her fur a week in Boston whiles Momma and Daddy moved da furniture backs to Texas, I's laid claim to Whit's Momma as my #2 Momma and I tries to claim her if Momma is bizee wiff sumthin' and I can't sits wiff her.

6. I can smell a new toy 'fore it evfun gets in da house. I's been known to grab da entire bag from da pet store and tries to run away wiff it! Here I is wiff my latest akwesishun, a chicken I gots fur my Gotcha Day!

7. I admits it... just like Whitley has a barkin' addikshun, I gots one of my one. Cat food. I always tries to snag it anytime it are left unattended. Unfortunately, da kitties 'round here don't cooperate and leave me any to eats most of da time. Momma sez dat is fortunate, not unfortunate likes I thinks, cuz cat food duz NOT agree wiff my digestion! Who cares about gettin' da revenge of da Montezuma?? Cat food is da best!

I's gonna just award da Shine On Award to all my furiends... If ya hasn't gotten it yet, ya has it now!! 

Now I'm off to eat dat cookie....or two!!

Bark ya later, gators!

Friday, July 11, 2014


Well, my secrementary has been fallin' down on her oblimigations and stuffs.. I got 2 awards and ain't got 'round to answerin' 'em yet... Oops...

Furst, I got a Liebster award from Whitley....

Here's da rules....
1. Thank da pup what nominated ya and link back to their blog.
2. Answer da 10 questions posted by da blogger whut nominated ya.
3. Nominate 10 bloggers fur da award.
4. Create 10 question fur your nominees to answer.

I already did #1... so's on to answerin' Whit's questions...

1.  Do your momma or daddy sing to you?  If dey do, does ya have a speshul song?
Momma duz... and yes, I gots a special song... it's Finny Face... sung to da tune of Funny Face... "I luvs your Finny Face...."
2.  Are you preparin for da zombie apocalypse??
Ya knows I is... I patrols da nayborhood wiff ya, and is ever vigilant lookin' out da windows and barkin' zombie skwirrels and stuff....
3.  Has ya ever killed a varmint?
Yep, I gots rat kills and mouse kills to my credit!
4.  What are your favorite game to play?
Tug! I luvs to play tug! And fetch... it are a big favorite, too!
5.  What are your opinion on baffs?
Ya mean waterboardin'??? Well, they's no favorite of mine, and I has to take one ev'ry coupla days cuz of my allergees... the being wrapped up in towels afterwards and gettin' to snuggle is purdy nice...
6.  Does ya have a special talent or trick?
Hmmm.... they sez I could be a contortionist in da circus cuz of da way I can bend to chew on myself...I also can gives myself a Brazilian wiff my tongue...
7.  Do ya ever just bark and da peeps ain't got a clue why?
Not really... I leave dat up to you to do...
8.  Who are your bestest friend?
You is, Whitley!
9.  Do ya give kissies?
Yep, lotsa kissies... I's quite insistent about it, too!
10.  What do your home smell like?
Right now it smells like da pizza your Momma made fur dinner.... drool........

Here's da 10 questions I came up wiff...
1. Do fireworks scare ya?
2. Do ya eat citrus?
3. How far have ya travelled from home?
4. Do you like water?
5. Do ya gets to sleep in da big bed with yer folks?
6. Do ya have a favorite person?
7. Do ya like cats? (if ya is a pup)  & do ya like dogs?? (if ya is a cat)
8. Do you like to wear clothes?
9. Do ya sleep belly up?
10. Do ya like car rides??

And my 10 nominees is... (ya can play along if ya wants, but if ya duzn't, that's okay, too)
1. Susie
3. Greta
4. Bailey
5. Hazel
6. Travis
7. Bogart
8. Daisy
9. Ko Min
10. Bertie

Well... dat's all fur now... tomorrow I'll answer da questions from da Shine On Award I won...

Bark ya later, gators!                                                                                                                                                                                             

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Well, da Fourth of July fell on a Friday dis year, so we's celebratin' all weekend!! No offense to my furiends across da Pond, but we's mighty proud of our folkses' forefathers and muthers... see, both of my folkses ancestors came ovfur to da New World backs in da 17th century and landed in Virginia and the Carolinas (Scots-Irish they wuz) and they's both got Revolutionary War vets (and da 1812 War, too!) in da family. Dey kicked British heinie not once, but twice!! And then Momma's family came to Texas and kicked Mexico's heinie!! Kinda rebellious they wuz-- and I gots to admire dat! After all, I's a Texas Terrierist!

Momma made some new dresses fur me and Whitley to wear on da Fourth! Here dey is, and yes, dey is reversibull... Da red side has da words to America da Beautiful in da background and da navy side has glittery silver sparkles on it...

And here I is, wearin' mine....

I acshually sat fur my pics wiffout chewin' on myself... and I's startin' to grow my hair back! Momma wuzn't sure it would come back but it's tryin' to!

Da folks had some barbeque chickin and Momma let me have a bite.... she said tomorrow she might barbeque some ribs or grill some salmon... sure hope I gets a taste!

In excitin' news, I won one of Goose's Asses!!! Yep, I won da Bad Ass! Cuz I's da baddest Ass there is!! BOL! BOL!!

Hope y'all has a wunnerful rest of da weekend! Da fireworks noises don't bother me or Whitley none, but if any of y'all is bothered, I hope it quiets down fur ya! Here's some photos of the Plano fireworks...

Bark ya later, gators....

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


There I is... up there... in all my cutes puppyhood right after I got "gotted"--- it are my Gotcha Day and so's I thought I'd show y'all what a cute pup I wuz... Evfun then, I had my "Texas Terrierist" face down pat!

Freckles made me this badge fur my Gotcha Day-- thank you, Mr. Jack Freckles and his growlmy!!

Today is also Frankie's Pirate Day!! So Avast, ye scurvy dawgs!! Here be Cap'n Finley da Furoshush!! Hand ovfur yer toy plunder or I'll makes ya walk da plank!!!

In udder news, my paw is better and da bandage is off!

Now I's off to get my Gotcha Day toy.... 

Bark ya later, gators!