Tuesday, July 15, 2014


My pals, Murphy & Stanley, is having a blog hop where us critters tell how we is a part of Blogville. If ya haven't already, hop ovfur dere and enter your info so's evfurrybuddy can meets ya. Here I is, standin' in a field of bluebonnets, our Texas state flower...

My name are Finley Rose and I's a Westie livin' da life in da wunnerful suburban oasis dat is Plano, Texas. Unlike my BFF, Whitley, I's nevfur lived anywheres else but Plano... I visited Whitley in SoCal,  Boston, and Austin, but Plano is always where I's hung my hat. Plano is just north of Big D, known fur JR Ewing, da Cowboys, more retail space per person dan anywheres else in da country, oil barons, cattle barons, and con-spik-u-us consumption! Plano are purdy much da same as da Big D, just a lil bit newer cuz until da 1980s it wuz still a bunch of farmland. In fact, dere are still some farms in da middle of da city and ya sees cows just drivin' 'round. Da cows ain't drivin' 'round, I means ya sees cows when ya is drivin' 'round. Cows don't drive... at least, none I've seen. We calls cows "dinner on da hoof" 'round here cuz dat is whut da youngest daughter usta calls 'em when she wuz lil.

If ya wants to knows whut I likes 'bout Plano, I guess I'd have to say da good sniffs Whitley pointed out, plus da abundant bunny and skwirrel populations... gives us terrierz plenty to terrierize!!

I lives with Whitley and da kitties... Crockett, who, like me, belongs to my Momma & Daddy, Travis, who belongs to Whit's momma, and Maurice, who belongs to Momma's youngest daughter.

Recently, I gots da Shine On Award from Whitley, she are my BFF and belongs to my Momma's oldest daughter.

According to Whitley, here are da rules of dis here award.If ya receives it, dis are what ya is sposed to do.
1. Visit and fank da blogger and who nominated ya. Thanks, Whit!
2.  Acknowledge dat blogger on your blog and link back. Done!
3.  Share 7 random facts bout yourself.
4.  Nominate up to 15 bloggers for da Shine On Award, provide a link to dere blogs in your posty, and notify dem on dere blogs.
5.  Eat a cookie.  What momma?  I made up dat rule?  Well, it are a good one, so I are keepin it.

So on to Nummer 3...

7 Random Facts Bout Me

1. I luvs tangereens!! Luvs 'em!! Dances fur 'em!! Come runnin' when Momma sez "Tangereen, Finley!" Now dis can cause some problems...like da fact dat bitter spray don't keep me from chewin', I just views it as seasonin' cuz I luvs dat citrus taste!

2. I wuz born in Fort Worth... also known as Cowtown. My momma wuz also born in Cowtown!! Dat makes us speshul cuz we's da onliest 2 here dat wuz!

3. I is da Queen of Toys... my favorite is da ones Kong makes dat is shaped like a bone and made outta tennis ball stuff... I thinks I's on my third or is it fourth one of dose???

4. One time I gots outta da house and Momma couldn't find me... our old kitty, Jez had opened da door from da house to da garage while Momma had da garage door up cuz she wuz vacuumin' out her Mustang. Momma wuz gettin' reddy to call Dad to come home and help looks fur me and den she looked at her car... There I wuz, ridin' shotgun, waitin' fur a road trip!! Bol! Bol!

5. I views Whitley's Momma as my Back-up Momma. Evfur since I stayed wiff her fur a week in Boston whiles Momma and Daddy moved da furniture backs to Texas, I's laid claim to Whit's Momma as my #2 Momma and I tries to claim her if Momma is bizee wiff sumthin' and I can't sits wiff her.

6. I can smell a new toy 'fore it evfun gets in da house. I's been known to grab da entire bag from da pet store and tries to run away wiff it! Here I is wiff my latest akwesishun, a chicken I gots fur my Gotcha Day!

7. I admits it... just like Whitley has a barkin' addikshun, I gots one of my one. Cat food. I always tries to snag it anytime it are left unattended. Unfortunately, da kitties 'round here don't cooperate and leave me any to eats most of da time. Momma sez dat is fortunate, not unfortunate likes I thinks, cuz cat food duz NOT agree wiff my digestion! Who cares about gettin' da revenge of da Montezuma?? Cat food is da best!

I's gonna just award da Shine On Award to all my furiends... If ya hasn't gotten it yet, ya has it now!! 

Now I'm off to eat dat cookie....or two!!

Bark ya later, gators!


  1. Hey there Finley! Cookies sound great, we are off to find one!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  2. Finley, we are so glad that you came along and joined Blogville. Dad says Plano is great he has been there (We kinda wonder where he hasn't been), Yep you from Texas and we from Oklahoma, but you guys are still great pals.

    The Mad Pirate Scots
    Pees got your pirate pic's be using them shortly!

    1. Hey, Whitley are from Oklahoma.. dat is where she was borned-- not every fur can be from Texas... it are OK... (bol, bol)...

  3. Hey Finley! We love love love reading your bloggie! We think the "Unjustly Incarcerated" post was hysterical. Mom laughed forever! We are glad you are part of Blogville. We love Blogville! And we're almost neighbors....we live in a suburb of Fort Worth! YEE-HAW!

    Braeden and Seth

    1. We IS naybors!!! I wuz born in Fort Worth!! Yee Haw!!!

  4. So glad you came to Blogville b/c I really enjoy reading you blog.

    Aroo to you,

    1. Thanks, Sully... I really like readin' your blog, too!

  5. Wow...we love learning more about you Finley!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  6. MOLing about da idea of cows drivin round!

    1. Yeah, when I furst wrote dat, it sounded funny, so's I thought it needed some clearin' up...

  7. Congrats to your award! It was great to read more about your place! you can smell every toy? maybe you can help me to find my rope toy back? I threw it out of the car window and I forgot where ...

  8. You threw a toy out da window? What da woof? Why would ya do dat, Easy??

    It are probably gone fur good cuz a toy maniac like me probably came along and took it home wiff dem...

  9. Growlmy was in her car all day yesterday without me...so I missed this post...but it sure was an interesting read!

    Growlmy is away on vacation, I am at home with pawppy and she reads this blog? And even woofs out an answer fur me?? OMD! Grrr! BOL!

    1. She didn't take you wiff her? Grrrrrr........

    2. Well...she did come back, and at least she didn't bring any pups back with her, cause I need her, BOL!

  10. Crikey Finley ..... I still get very confused with your living arrangements. I know you and Whitley keep telling us where you fit in but I still get awful confused. So many Mommas and kitty cats too. OMD am I just pea brained or what?

    1. It's okay, Charlie, it is confuseratin' to lots o' pups.... See my Momma, Donna is da hooman momma of Whitley's momma, Kim, and she has an udder girl named Ally who has a cat named Maurice... So let's see... We got my Momma Donna and my Dad, Cameron.. they's got me and Crockett da kitty... they's got 2 girls, Kim, who has Whitley and Travis, and Ally who has Maurice.
      Whitley's Momma lived in Los Angeles when she went to UCLA and she took Whit with her... then they moved to Boston when she went to Harvard Law School, then Austin, then back here. She got Charlie da cat in Austin-- he had been abandoned at the apt. complex where she lived. Charlie passed away after a year with all of us here in Plano, and then she got Travis.
      Ally lived in Austin to go to UT Austin, then moved back here. Her kitty is named Maurice, he's the black and white one.
      When Whitley moved to LA with her Momma, my folks got me. They already had Jezebel the cat and a basset named Hank. Hank passed away and they just had me and Jez. Then when Jez died they got Crockett -- he's da lil kitten.
      Whew... now I's confiscated!

  11. Blogville is such a great place. Thanks for sharing all the stuff about you. You are a well traveled pup.

  12. Finley - I really enjoyed learning all about you and where you live. Sounds wonderful!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  13. Your comment actually was pretty condescending, so I removed it. If you don't agree with it that's fine. If you didn't mean it that way and it was simply poorly worded, my apologies. It's nearly impossible to convey tone in text, as you probably know.
    If you don't wish to follow my blog that's your choice. I write and post for me, not my viewers.

    1. Actually, I spent quite a long time composing my reply to your entry declaring your dog "shit"-- your words, your title. You asked for opinions as long as they weren't rude or hateful. My words were neither. I thought of all the people I've known who would give anything to have their dog back or to have more time with their beloved pet. And there you were, declaring a dog who you yourself say was no problem, easygoing in fact, somehow defective because of some, in my opinion, unreasonable expectations.
      I didn't word it as bluntly as that. I merely said I had seen other people say the same thing in the past and that it can stem from a person expecting a dog to be a certain way--like their other dogs or some dog they had in the past. I recounted how each of my bassets was a unique individual and how our Westies have differed and that I, too, would have been disappointed if I had expected them to be the same. I also stated my opinion that standard poodles and most hunting dogs do not have the high prey drive and nature you seek. For this, you deleted my comments and made it look as if I had been rude and/or "hateful". If you only wanted people to puff you up and make you feel better, you should have said so, and not invited people to express their opinions. I wouldn't have written anything in that case.

      I have seen what happens to animals when humans expect them to fit some pre-conceived notion-- the shelters and pounds are full of them. Your dog was lucky because your mother wanted it-- what if she hadn't?

      And no, I won't be following your blog, not because of what you wrote, which I have seen before, but because you invited discussion and then shut it down. If all you wanted was for people to write who agreed with you, you should have just adjusted the comments to where they weren't posted until you reviewed them. I don't appreciate the impression you left by not entirely deleting my post (delete forever) -- that I had been rude/hateful. I wasn't... I just have an entirely different view of pet ownership-- I don't expect my dogs to fulfill a need of mine to "fix" them or to challenge me. I accept them on their terms and love them for who they are, not who I think they should be.

      I find it interesting that you come over onto Finley's blog to reply instead of addressing this on your blog.

  14. Hey Finley, it's great to see another Westie!!! I saw your comments on B Bertie's blog and wanted to pop by to say 'Woof'! Texas - how cool - She has been to Texas many times but never to your part, only to Houston (She loves the food there - and says I would to - but of course, She won't let me eat TexMex anyway!!!). We loved reading your blog and will be back for more!




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