Friday, December 26, 2014

Dory's Birfday Pawty!!!

We all had a pawsome Chrissymus and I'll post about dat later. Today is Dory's Birthday Bash and dat is whut all of Blogville are barkin'-- and meowin'-- about! Here I is, in all my Chrissymus finery!!

I wuz gonna go to Dory's Party solo, cuz dere wuz dis incident where somepup tried to fix me up and it didn't go well....

But I must say, I can highly recommend da services of Ruby as Yente... she has excellent taste and matched me up wiff da wunnerful scottie dude named Braeden-- he's handsome, he's a terrierist like me, and best of all, he's a Texan-- he lives right here in da Metroplex like I duz!!

Isn't he dreamy, girls!! Right swoonable, he is!!

He evfun brought me these yellow roses!! Yellow rose of Texas, ya know??

We double-dated with his brofur Seth, and his date, Hailey.... and we brought his cute lil brofur, Riley, along, too! We all piled into da car and headed west-- it were one fun ride!! We stopped fur margaritas and some tacos in Albuquerque, swung past Vegas and hit the tables!! Luck was a Lady dat night!!  On ovfur to da Pacific Coast Highway and on up to da 101 all da way to Dory's place!!

Little did we know dat dose Orange bacon fiend brofurs of me and Whitley, Travis and Crockett, hitched a ride along to California fur da bacon, of course!! Dey wuz runnin' wild at da pawty, gorgin' on all da bacon dey could munch on!! 

Stinkers...bol! bol!! Looks like Crockett might be in a bacon coma...

Braeden and me had a pawsome time, and got our photo made in da photo booth!

We had lotsa fun Texas two-steppin', and I taughts him how to do da Finnigator-- where ya gits down on yer tummy like ya is an allygator and ya rocks yerself 'round da room in time to da music!! He were a natural!! 
We brought along some Texas barbeque-- brisket, ribs, chicken--- as a present fur Dory--- it were a big hit wiff all da pawty attendees!

Hope all y'all head on ovfur to Dory's and help her celebrate her birthday!!

Bark ya later, gators!!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bakin', bakin', bakin', but no bacon....

Momma haz bin bizee bakin' lotsa Chrissymus goodies... She's made Spritz cookies (2 and a half batches), 2 batches of peanut brittle, 1 batch of pecan brittle, Bacardi Rum cake, Sandies (also known as Mexican wedding cakes), peanut butter blossoms (dey's got Hershey's kisses in da middle), Tollhouse cookies, Lemon Tea Bread, Pumpkin Bread... and da dough fur Sugar Cookies. Tomorrow she will bake those up and they'll git decoramatated.. Also will make Chocolate Marshmallow Treats, Mint brownies, fudge, divinity, Pecan Paulines, and who knows whut else in da next few days???

I's snagged a coupla bites of a few of da above treats... mostly a Spritz cookie here and dere... and anythang dat hits da floor-- bol!!

But dere were no bacon dis Saturday mornin' fur brekkiefast... and Travis was MAD! He ran ovfur to his bacon stashun and got in da "receeve bacon posishun" fur nuthin'.... well, Momma tried to give him a lil scrambly egg but after eatin' one bit, he took off in a huff and gave Momma da stinkeye!! It were hee-lare- ee- us!!

Momma jest gots home from da Central Market wiff 3 pounds o' bacon... so I guesses dere will be bacon tomorrow... And Travis just went ovfur to her in da living room and made nice.. It are amazin' whut sum pork will do for his Chrissymus spirit..

Udder dan dat, da weather's been crummy, so no zombie patrol. Whitley's Momma's bin amusin' hurself by posin' us in antlers and junk. Hey, I'll do 'bout anythang fur a cookie....

Gotta run and see if anyone has dropped sumthin' on da floor wurff eatin'....

Bark ya later, gators....

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Miss Kyla... Furwell, my furiend...

Just got da news dat da wunnerful Miss Kyla made her trip to da Rainbow Bridge dis mornin'.

Dat sucks. Big time. She were one funny gal, always tellin' it like it is. Us Texans like dat in a pup. No bull hockey, just da troof like she saw it.

I hopes she is runnin' pain free at da Rainbow Bridge, gorgin' on green beans, and playin' wiff her bff, Kenzie. We sure will miss ya here in Blogville, Kyla.

I will do my best to carry on da terrierist tradishun here on Blogville in yer honor, Kyla...

Bark ya later, gators....

Monday, December 15, 2014

All I want fur Chrissymus.... well, addishuns to my list...

Y'all might recall my last post detailin' whut I wanted fur Chrissymus... da usual stuff, like toys, and yummies and junk like dat.

But it looks like I needs to add to my list. Ya don't think Santa Paws will mind, do ya?

Dear Santy Paws,
I knows I already hit ya up fur sum new toys, some yummies and all dat stuff.

Well, I still wants dat.

But could ya bring me sumthin' else?

See, my ear hematoma came back and now my right ear is all floppy. Whut wiff whut da allergeez has  done to my furs, I don't need no floppy ear. Da zombies might think I ain't lissenin' fur dem and takes advantage, ya know? I's startin' to look kinda like I's already bin ravaged by da zombie hordes.

So if ya can bring me sumthin to make my ear stand up agin, dat would be gud.

(Momma sez dat cuz da hematoma came back my ear just might alwayz be dis way... if dat's da case, well, den gives me sum more toys instead, okay?)

Finley aka Da Queen of Toys

In udder news, I sees Dory is havin' a big Chrissymus pawtee comin' up and Ruby is lendin' her Yente services to "fix" pups up.... I sure hope dey don't mean da same kind of fixin' like "goin' to da vet to get fixed"...har har!!  
I knows dey means matchmakin'... hope Ruby has better luck wiff her matches dan sum udder pup did when he tried to fix me up-- seems da boy pup had a skeery girlfuriend dat I dinn't know nuffin' bout, but boy did Blogville tells me whut wuz whut... and it ended wiff me gettin' picked on fur wearin' clothes-- which I has to wear cuz of my allergeez-- dey keeps me from chewin' on myself and helps me not to get sunburned in da summer since some of da hair on my back went AWOL and nevfur came back... I wishes I could wear da cute dresses Momma makes me, but dey is usually just worn fur photo ops...

So dis floppy-earred, clothes wearin' pup will be flyin' solo at Dory's party... or stayin' home wiff da Crockett. He and Angelique is too young fur such wild shenanigans anyways... young and impreshunable...

Well, maybe me baby-sittin' dem ain't such a good ideer afteralls, dem bein' impreshunable and all....bol!bol! Though I do knows how to keep an eye on 'em....

I guess Whitley has already showed y'all our tree... maybe I'll show ya sum udder decorashuns next time...

Bark ya later, gators!

Friday, December 5, 2014

My Santy Paws List

Daisy da Scottie wuz hostin' a Blog Hop 'bout lists fur Santy... well, as usual, I is late to da pawtee cuz my secremetary wuz all bizze today puttin' up da outside lights. At least, da is da lame-oh excuse she gave me.... I'll put up some photos of da lights once she finishes decoratin'-- should be dis weekend.

Now to da important stuff. My list fur Santy...

Unlike so many of my pals, I ain't selfless and gen-er-us, I's a terrier, and I's got a serious toy addikshun. Not gonna ask fur peace on Earth, cuz, let's face it, I likes a good kerfluffle now and then. Not gonna ask fur evfurrybuddy to luv all da dog breeds, cuz I's terrierfied of da bully breeds since one tried to eats me in my own front yard. I already gots to share da big bed wiff Crockett, so I ain't askin' fur any more critters here, although if Ally gits a new kitty, dat are fine, since he would sleep wiff her and dat would means more kitty fuds to try and steal-- I mean "share"...

So wiff dat intro, here I go...

Dear Santa,
I's been a gud pup dis year. Just ask Momma. I lets her waterboard me wiffout too much complainin'-- okay, I bites at da towels, but I hates towels. I been nice to da kitties -- well, if dey smacky paws me I duz tell 'em off, but I watches out fur 'em, too.... I is evfur vigilant fur zombiez and evful skwerrils and protects da homefront.
So I hopes my goodness will be richly rewarded.

Furstly, I wants toys. Lotsa toys. Ya knows how I luvs toys, Santa, and how I nevfur gits enuff. Why, Momma brought a bag home from da pet store a couple of days ago, and while da kitties wuz tryin' to git into my fud, I wuz tryin' to git da sweater outta da bag cuz I thought it wuz a toy. It weren't.

Next, some treats would be great. Peanut butter ones and Texas Toothpicks is my favorite.

Maybe some new clothes... but Momma usually makes my clothes. Maybe you could git her to werk on dat? And makin' me a dog bed? She made one fur Whitley, one fur Maurice-- it are past bein' my turn.

And git her to start bakin' dose Christmas cookies... maybe I can beg a few off da folks here and dere.

See how I's lightenin' yer load, Santy? All ya needs to do is light a fire under Momma and haff yer werk here is done!!!

So git dose elves to crankin me out some new stuffies and say "hi" to Mrs. Santy fur me.... duz she make ya good cookies? It sure duz looks like she are a wunnerful cook...bol, bol!

Here are a blast from da past... first photo is from 2009, me and my kitty pal, Jezebel... it are my furst Chrissymus wiffout my buddy....

Next photo is from 2010-- look how much hair I usta have... durn allergeez!!!

Bark ya later, gators!!