Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bakin', bakin', bakin', but no bacon....

Momma haz bin bizee bakin' lotsa Chrissymus goodies... She's made Spritz cookies (2 and a half batches), 2 batches of peanut brittle, 1 batch of pecan brittle, Bacardi Rum cake, Sandies (also known as Mexican wedding cakes), peanut butter blossoms (dey's got Hershey's kisses in da middle), Tollhouse cookies, Lemon Tea Bread, Pumpkin Bread... and da dough fur Sugar Cookies. Tomorrow she will bake those up and they'll git decoramatated.. Also will make Chocolate Marshmallow Treats, Mint brownies, fudge, divinity, Pecan Paulines, and who knows whut else in da next few days???

I's snagged a coupla bites of a few of da above treats... mostly a Spritz cookie here and dere... and anythang dat hits da floor-- bol!!

But dere were no bacon dis Saturday mornin' fur brekkiefast... and Travis was MAD! He ran ovfur to his bacon stashun and got in da "receeve bacon posishun" fur nuthin'.... well, Momma tried to give him a lil scrambly egg but after eatin' one bit, he took off in a huff and gave Momma da stinkeye!! It were hee-lare- ee- us!!

Momma jest gots home from da Central Market wiff 3 pounds o' bacon... so I guesses dere will be bacon tomorrow... And Travis just went ovfur to her in da living room and made nice.. It are amazin' whut sum pork will do for his Chrissymus spirit..

Udder dan dat, da weather's been crummy, so no zombie patrol. Whitley's Momma's bin amusin' hurself by posin' us in antlers and junk. Hey, I'll do 'bout anythang fur a cookie....

Gotta run and see if anyone has dropped sumthin' on da floor wurff eatin'....

Bark ya later, gators....


  1. Crikey Finley ..... I wish I was at your house. It must smell heavenly with all that bakin' going on. Good job on keepin' the floor clean. Bet your Mom appreciates your help there, aye?? Fair dinkum ...... that Travis!! Sounds like quite a performance he put on. I sure would have liked to see that.
    We haven't heard of lots of those things that your Momma's bakin'? Could you show us some pics of the finished product one day ...... PLEASE!! See I got manners, aye?????

  2. I wuz not happy bout da lack of bacon - I been puttin up wif antlers, Santa hats, you name it. I deserved extra bacon!

    1. Whut a wip-off, Twabis. Yu wuz wobbed, dood!!!

  3. Wow! Lotsa bakin goin on at yur place! That all sounds super yummy, an calorie-packed (that's frum Mommy). Us dogs don't know nuthin bout calories an we don't care.
    An yu look real cute in the dum antlers.
    Do yu think that the 3 pounds o' bacon with be jus fur poor Travis?
    Me neither.

  4. OMD! NO BACON??!!! I would give her the stink eye too!! BOL
    Nows, I thinks I'm comin' overs to your house...I bets your whole house smells like Christmas!!! OMD, all those delish cookies and cakes and fudge bakin' and droppin'!!
    Oh yeah!
    Oh, and sorry abouts the antlers....hehehehehe NO! I'm NOT laughin' Finley! No. Butts I sure hopes you asked for extra cookies....☺
    Ruby ♥

  5. Dat kitty are a bacon pig. And yeah, I knows dat don't really make sense, but if ya know Travis, it makes dollars.

  6. OMD...we are surprised your Mama made it through the morning without having any "kitty mishaps" if there was no bacon for Travis!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. OMD, Finwey! Cood yu be any cuter in dose widikuwous antwers??? OMD :D Sounds wike dere *mite* be sum bacon fur Twabis tumowwow!!

  8. If there's cookies....or'll do just about anything. We've had NO bakin' or bacon in this house. We are seriously underprivileged.

    Laughed at the bacon-receiving-position!

  9. Wowee that is alot of bakin' at your house. Mom is going to be doing that tomorrow with some the the grandpeeps. We will be on the look out for any drops on the floor
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  10. Growlmy isn't dong much if any baking, seeing as her and pawppyy are on some kind of no yummy junk allowed eating strict diet...sigh...
    I think I will pack up and take myself and maybe even my kitty brofurs over to your den, it sounds evfur so yummy!
    Peanut brittle...the thought of it made growlmy drool, BOL!

    You look purdy good in them sparkling antlers, Finley!

  11. Like Charlie, we here are a bit vague about some of those baking products (Spritz cookies?) but are sure they are all totally delicious.
    Happy floor scavenging!

  12. I wish I had a teleport-port directly to your mom's kitchen.... I can smell all that delicious things when I press my nose on the screen :o)
    Easy Rider

  13. OMD OMD We would LOVE to be at YOUR house... Cookies and Cakes and BACON.... 3#'s of Bacon... WOW we think you are REALLY LUCKY.

  14. First, that is a great photo of you. Now second, we need to come to your house. Really, mom says you are making her favorite stuffs!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  15. You're looking very cute Finley! Sorry about the bacon fiasco. Hope Travis got an extra helping when it finally arrived. And YUM cookies! She use to make spritz cookies all the time, but She has not done any baking yet,

    Braeden, Seth and Riley

    1. Evfurrybuddy gots sum bacon on Sunday... evfun if it's nevfur enuff fur Travis!

  16. OMD, Finwey! I gedded da package yu sended tu me an' I WUFF it!! FankyuFankyuFankyuFankyuFankyuFankyuFankyu an' Whitwey fur bein' so nice an' so bery sweet tu me <3

    1. Yu are most welcome, HunBun!! Oy bey, we knews ya had to have it!

  17. Yummy yummy for your tummy. Why I bet you can just inhale in the calories. Divinity oh that is extra yummy. I think you live in a bakery. Now remember when Santa Paws comes don't be barking like you saw a Zombie. Hope you get lots of stuffies. And a very Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Thanks for being my friend
    Sweet William The Scot


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