Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hee hee... Dogster named me Dog of the Week... and udder News!

Got a chuckle fur ya former Dogsterites.... I got named Dog of da Week... course it's a Ghost Town ovfur dere, but better late than nevfur.... maybe... bol! bol!

It's been a bizee week 'round these parts... Maurice da kitty gots sick and wasn't eatin'-- so everfurry day dey carted him to da vetman to get pumped full of vitamins and meds and fluids. He weren't too pleased wiff dat.

Da good news is dat he seems to be on da mend and eatin' again... thank goodness, cuz his vet bills mighta been cuttin' into my toy budget, ya know??

Da roofers came here last week and put in a new roof... dis week da repairmens came and replaced da soffits dat dose nasty varmint skwirrels chewed holes in (cuz a couple of da old gutters sprung leaks and softened up da wood)...boy, dose skwirrels do some serious damage... grrrrrr..... wish dey would come down onto da ground where's I could give dem da old shake-shake! Skwirrels is nuthin' but rats in fancy duds... crummy lil varmints. On da good news front, when replacin' one area of soffit, I thinks da repair dudes found Fat Sassy Skwirrel-- da one dat wuz always tormentin' me and Whitley-- yep, dey found him-- or whut wuz left of him. Da pest control guys put out some rat bait stations (don't worry, dey are in areas us pups can't get to) and Sassy Skwirrel musta ate some of it... bye, bye, Fat Sassy Skwirrel!! And good riddance to bad varmint!!

Da repair dudes also put in a new door in da sunroom and took out da old ac/heating unit in there cuz when we had an air-conditioner/furnace replaced, we sized up and extended da ductwork into da sunroom.... no need fur a motel type unit in there nomore.

Next week da painters will come and paint da outside of da house... dat sounds like more excuses fur barkin'-- not like Whit needs an excuse, but I duz. And den da gutter guys will come after dat and put on new gutters.

Da old place oughta look purdy good -- well, from da outside anyways--- when it all gets done.

Oh, I almost furgot to tells ya... evfur heard of lay-zee- boys? Momma gots a couple of new ones-- rocker recliners... I luvs it, I tells ya! It are real nice to crawl up on Momma and lay down on da wide arm and get rocked to sleep... just like a babe... ahhhhh..... dat's da life! See-- don't I looks comfy?

Bark ya later, gators!