Friday, February 20, 2015

Flashback Friday and introducin' a New Furiend

Here's a photo of me back when I had lotsa furs.... and we had lotsa snow, too!

Da weather is supposed to turn kinda nasty on Sunday and next weekend is supposed to be nasty, too... I sure hopes da white stuff stays away. We've been lucky so far this year and avoided da white stuff... hope our luck holds. I ain't really a fan of da cold stuff, especially since I's kinda sparse in da fuzz department....

Here I is today.... same coat, less fuzz. Momma gave me a trim, said I wuz lookin' kinda moth-eaten cuz of my scratchin'... I sez Momma looks a lil moth-eaten sumtimes, too.... Course I don't say dat right 'fore dinner-- I likes to eat...bol!

Last, but certainly not least, I would like to point y'all ovfur to my pal, Bonnie's blog. I knows Bonnie from da Twitter, Faceybook, and of course, ZombieSquad and da Aviators ovfur on da Twitter. She are one heckuva pawsome girl Westie and I sure would like it if y'all would go ovfur and welcome her to Blogville! Bonnie has SARDS and has gone blind, she has Cushings, too... but she is still as amazin' as she evfur wuz... 

So please go ovfur and say hi....

Bark ya later, gators!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day-- Our Double Date wiff Braeden and Seth

OH MY DAWG!! Dis were da most pawsomest Valentine's Day evfur! Whitley and I were da luckiest girl pupses evfur!! We got asked to go to da dance wiff dose hunky handsum Scottie boys who live just west of us in da Metroplex.... I went wiff Braeden and Whitley went wiff Seth. Aren't dey just da dreamiest???

Here's a photo of Braeden askin' me to da dance.... swooooooon..... isn't he just da cutest pup evfur??

Here I is in da new dress Momma made fur me just fur dis occashun... I wore da pink side today, hope ya likes it....

Well, da boys arrived right on time, and Momma brought out some yummy Texas barbeque fur us to eat 'fore we hit da road.... (as usual I snoopervised da cookin' of da barbeque... ya has to be vigilant to makes sure no zombies grab da "que"....)

It were a small spread, but we didn't wanna git so full we couldn't dance later!! Whitley cranked up da blender and we all had some Margaritas to wash it down!! Whoo hoo!

Da Mommas sent us on our way wiff some Valentine cookies fur da road....

Well, we finally made it to da dance... evfun though Seth made some wrong turns.... wiff Whitley ridin' shotgun and downin' margaritas... well, she didn't make da best navigator, ya know?? Bol, bol!!

We had fun in da photo booth, evfun if it did seem to take a LONNNNNNGGGGGG time fur Whitley and Seth to git done gettin "their picture took"....

Here is me and da handsum Braeden.... and contrary to whut ya mighta read on Hiz Honors blog, we is on our SECOND date, not our furst!


We had a wunnerful time!! Dat Braeden are such a gud dancer and such a Texas gentleman!! Whut more could a gurl ask fur in a date?? Good looks, charm and FUN wiff all capital letters!!! We were so lucky to be double-datin' wiff dese Handsum Texas boys!! We all had so much fun-- us gurls danced wiff sum of our udder furiends, too-- Freckles and Duncan da Westie... It were so much fun to see evfurry one and pawty down!!!

Hope all y'all had a great time at da Heart to Heart dance... (we sure did!!!) and Happy Valentine's Day to one and all, whether ya made it to da dance or just stayed home and danced 'round yer house!!


Thanks to Dory who kept da kitties bizee and outta our furs.... heard dey spent da whole time lookin' fur bacon.... whut a surprise!!! NOT!! bol, bol!!

Crockett made Momma dis Valentine... kinda cute, isn't it?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Selfie and Udder news

I tried a new angle on da selfie thang.... laying down, bol, bol!

In udder news, I's been made a junior officer in da Blogville Police Department-- assigned to Ranger... Heard da sayin'...."One ranger, one riot?" Well wiff Finley AND Ranger, we gots it covfurred!!

Here I is, trying on my new hat...

Well, bein' an officer necessitated a photo shoot... here I is, patrollin' da backyard in my black officer outfit, wearin' my bilingual security shirt....

I's tryin' to work on lookin' more nonchalant and not so tuff... but I's not sure it's workin'... think I's lookin' sleepy instead....

Fur all you Crockett fans, Momma caught him nappin' in her tub da udder day... you wouldn't catch me in da tub voluntarily, dat's fur shure!

My Momma bought herself a new sewing machine... it are her furst one dat ain't just a basic one... she duz a lot of sewin'-- hope she duz more ('specially fur me) now dat she has dis...

It are a Juki HZL F600... and Momma luvs it! She are evfun namin' it-- sez she got da ideer from some sewin' machine reviews she read.... And of course, since it are a HZL, it are gittin' named Hazel.

Sumtimes my Momma are weird...bol, bol!

Bark ya later, gators!!!