Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Long-Overdue Liebster Award Post

Dis one are not my bad, it are on my Momma... she's givin' me some lame-o excuses like she had to make me & Whit new pawty dresses, yadda, yadda, yadda... but she also found time to go to da DFW Fiber Fest and buy some more yarn... and she needs yarn like she needs 'nuther hole in her head. Which she don't need. Definately... enuff stuff leaks outta her brain already!

Anyways, wiffout futher ado, I is proud to accept da Liebster Award given to me by my westie pals, Frisbee Bradley and Bonnie... If ya duzn't know Frisbee or Bonnie, well, go git yerself a new furiend! Dey is boff members of da Zombie Squad wiff me and Whit ovfur on Twitter and just real fun gals! Just click on der highlighted names to visit der blogs...

Furst, let's get da rulez outta da way... den da fun can begin!

1.  Acknowledge and accept da Liebster Award by leavin' a comment on da blog where ya wuz nominated.
2.  Copy and paste da Liebster Award logo onto yer own blog.
3.  Link back to da blogger(s) who awarded ya.
4.  Answer 11 questchuns posed to ya by da person who nominated ya.
5.  List 11 random facts bout yerself.
6.  Nominate and link 3-11 other blogs ya enjoy.
7.  List 11 questchuns for yer Liebster Award nominees on yer blog.
8.  Inform yer nominees by leavin' a comment on der blog.

Since I gots 2 awards, I is combinin' my answers... I'll answer Frisbee's questions furst, den da wunnerful Miss Bonnie's...

Frisbee asked...
1. Do you like sharzies frum yer Mom?
I luvs dem-- from Momma, or Daddy or Whit's Momma or Angie's Momma... heck, I'll take sharzies frum anybuddy who'll share... 'specially if it's pizza crust or peanut butter cookies or meatz™...yum!

2. Do you likes belly rubs like me?
I luvs, luvs, luvs belly rubs... I jumps up in a lap ('specially Daddy or Momma) and rolls ovfur so's dey can access my belly and gives me a rub! We usta has a naybor named Harry who gave me da best belly rubs! Evfurry time I saw him I would run to him and roll ovfur so's he could rub my tummy. He moved and ever since I gives whoevfur lives in his house da stink eye... dey ain't Harry, and I was just wild about Harry!

3. Are you a biter or a luver?
I's both... why choose just one... but mostly a luver and a growler, grumbler...bol! But if you is a varmint, I's all biter! And shaker!

4. Do you wants to join up wiff da Zombie Squad??
Well, I's already a member and has earned my Master Zombie Hunter certificate!! Huntin' zombies is my passhun!!

5. Have you evfur done a mistake in yer Daddy's or Momma's slippers?
Nope, not in der slippers... as for all dose udder mistakes... dey wuz perpetrated by da evful "NotMe" who just likes to make me look bad...

6. Do certain foodz give you gas?
Well, da one fud dat really messes me up is kitty food... which I likes to try to steal but da peeps get all bent outta shape if I duz... cuz it gives me gas ( and Montezuma's revenge, too!)

7. Do you likez to ride in da car like me to go bye bye?
I luvs to go fur a ride, 'specially if I gits to ride shotgun. One time Jez da cat let me outside when Momma wuz vacuumin' up her car wiff boff doors open. Momma started lookin' and callin' fur me and wuz all worried when she looked ovfur at her car, and dere I wuz, ridin' shotgun....bol!

8. If when ya rides in da car duz ya git carsick and throw up on yer Mom?
Nope, I duzn't get carsick when I rides... which is good cuz I's been on car trips to California and Boston... dat's a long, long car ride!

9. Duz you like cats?
I luvs da kitties. Jezebel wuz da kitty when I got here... and we wuz best furiends, takin' naps together and sharin' goodies-- she evfun counter surfed fur me once... tossed a babyback rib down to me. I've liked all da kitties we've had... Charlie and Maurice went ovfur da Rainbow Bridge like Jez... dat made me sad. And now we's got Travis, Crockett, and Angelique...dey's my buddies.

10. Do you lick yer Momma or Daddy's feet tween der toes like I duz?
Nope, I isn't a toe licker... I goez fur da face with my kissies.. or da ear. I's been known to give a wet willie or two...

11. Do you have a nickname? Duz ya have a middle name yer Momma uses when you ain't bein' too gud?
I gots lotsa nicknames-- Finners, Finny, FinnFace, FinnyFace, Stinkypants... and more... dey is really inta nicknames 'round here! And I has a middle name... Rose. And yeah, if Momma sez "Finley Rose!" I knows I's in trubble!

And here is Bonnie da Westie's questions...
1. Duz you sleep in da big bed wiff yer Momma or duz you have yer own bed?
Well, I gots lotsa beds 'round here, but I sleeps in da big bed or a lap.. preferably Momma's lap, though Whit's Momma's lap or Dad's will do if Momma is not available.

2. Whut's yer favorite treat?
I luvs Texas Toothpicks by Merrick and peanut butter dog treatz dat Momma makes.

3. Whut's yer favoritest thang to do evfur?
Dat's a toughie. I luvs to play tug, but I also luvs to go fur car rides. But probably my favoritest thang is chasin' da bunnies and skwirrels I sees in da yard. Dat or gittin' belly rubs.

4. Duz you dig holes?
I's not a hole digger... not evfun on da beach.

5. Can you swim?
I can and duz swim. I likes a dip in da pool when it's hot in da summertime.

6. Duz you have any furbros and sisfurs?
Yes, I has a furbro named Crockett... he are an orange tabby whut likes to give razzberries...bol!
And I gots Whitley and Travis who belong to Momma & Daddy's oldest daughter, and Angelique, who belongs to der youngest daughter.

7. Duz you like summer or winter best and why?
I luvs summer... I is not a fan or da cold or wet, which we gits in da winter. I likes warm weather and sittin' out in da backyard. Summer is da best!

8. Is you scared of anyfing?
Pitbulls. One attacked me in my front yard once. Daddy hadta save my life by kickin' it offa me.. it had me by the back of the neck and I were makin' da most awfulest screamy sound. Daddy is my hero, he saved me dat day. So I's skeered of pitbulls... don't likes 'em, nevfur will.

9. Do you bury fings fur later?
Nope, I duzn't. But da peeps had a basset gurl who usta do dat. Her name wuz Delilah... she would steal da boy dogs' treats and bury dem and dig dem up later.

10. Duz you gots yer own Zombie Squad uniform or nametag? Not yet, but da Mommas is thinkin' 'bout gittin' some badges fur us and puttin' dem on a zombie huntress dress...

11. Is you a barker or a whiner when ya wants sumthin'?
A barker... also a grumbler/growler to gits belly rubs.... and if dat duzn't work, I goes fur da whole licky da face thang...

And now my 11 random facts....

1. I's got numerous varmint kills to my credit... rats and skwirrels yet, but dey stays outta my backyard, I's so fearsum!

2. I's a well-traveled pup... I've been to New Mexico, Arizona, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

3. I likes to watch tv while in da big bed... 'specially sports like football and movies wiff dancin' and lotsa movement.

4. I tries to take care of da kitties and Whitley... when da kitties wuz old or sick, I kept da udder kitties frum botherin' 'em and I breaks up kitty kerfluffles. And when we is on a walk and Whit balks at walkin'... I starts gittin' "glue feets" and goes real slow until Whitley starts goin'... I slows to her pace... gotta watch out fur my bff.

5. I's been known to cuddle wiff a cat. Yep, I said it and I's proud of it. Kitties has been sum of my bestest furiends.

6. I has a floppy ear now cuz I had an aural hematoma. Sum sez it gives me a certain rakish look.

7. I wuz a contortionist in a former life... I's can twist and turn and git to spots on my body dat defy da imaginashun...

8. I hates wet grass. I wuz born in a drought... in May... and I thinks grass should be dry 'fore ya installs yer yard art on it. I will "tripod" on 3 legs so's at least one paw isn't bein' subjected to da wet grass.

9. I is known as da Queen of Toys.. cuz I is crazy 'bout toys... I can always tell when da peeps brings a new one inta da house.

10. I usta be a lot more fuzzy... like Whit... but my allergeez has robbed me of lotsa my furs so's my Momma makes me clothes to keep me frum scratchin' and hurtin' myself and to keep me frum gittin sunburned I hasta wears a tshirt in da summer. I wishes my fur would all grow back...

11. I view Whit's Momma (my Momma's oldest daughter) as Momma #2, or BackUp Momma... if my Momma aren't available, I'll go to her.

I is nominatin'.....

1. Zoe
2. Bertie
4. Susie
5. Frankie Furter
7. Jack Freckles
8. Dui
9. Charlie
10. Timmy
11. Kismet
12. Travis

Yeah, I know it said 3-11, but I's a rebel.

And yer 11 questions is....

1. Duz ya like to watch da tv? Duz ya have any favorite kinda shows or movies?

2. Duz ya react to da doorbell on tv-- like bark if ya is a dog, or run and hide if yer a kitty or squawk if ya is a burd??

3. Duz ya  imitate any other animal... like try to sound like anuther cat or dog ya lives wiff or an entirely different animal than ya is?

4. Duz ya likes to "talk"... just bark or grumble or meow or chirp or whutevfur likes ya is tryin' to talk to yer folkses and dey is too dumb to unnerstand ya?

5. Duz ya has a favorite food? How duz ya gits it? Duz ya put on a certain face or beg or whut?

6. Duz ya have a favorite person? (It's okay, ya can tells us...)

7. Are dere any pupperazis -- camera nuts-- dat ya lives wiff? Duz ya need to be bribed fur posin'?

8. Duz ya like to wear clothes?

9. Duz ya have a favorite kinda music?

10. Duz ya have any animalsibs and which one is yer fave and why?

11. Duz ya evfur wish ya had a Super Power? And if ya duz, whut would it be and why?

Well, dat's all fur now...

Bark ya later, gators!


  1. She ain't kiddin bout thinkin she are da Cat Wrangler - Finley, ya is always tryin to break up kerfluffles even if no kitty is really gettin fluffled.

    1. Well, cat wrangler is just one of da many hats I hasta wear 'round here... a westie's job is nevfur done....

      Oh, and git to work answerin' dem questions and quit sassin' me, Travis...

  2. Ya gots some good questuns dere BFF.

  3. those were some good questions!!


    1. Fanks, Oreo...I puts a lotta thought into dem...

  4. THIS is a Grrrreat post.... we didn't know that you were such a well traveled one.
    THANK you fur the award... You ask very Hard questions...

  5. Great answers, Finley!

    Congrats on your award!

    And thanks fur nominating me...but it might take the dogretary a long time fur she gets to it, she's worse than yours lately...and we did not even do a WW posting...maybe, she has to work...oh woe is me...

    1. Hey, it took me almost 3 weeks... whenevfur yer Momma feels like it is great, Freckles! We know she's very busy wiff her job...

  6. Thanks for nominating me (Dui) I'll have to get my thinkin' hat on.

    We only know cats out on the streets.....they've never let us close enough to see if we really like them. So we like to bark at them.

    1. Dere is a kitty on our walks dat comes right up to us... he's real furiendly. Guess he can tell we likes kitties. Most of da uthers avoids us.

  7. Congrats to your awards! That was interesting to read... please give your dad a hug from me, he is really a hero :o)
    easy rider

    1. He wuz real scared cuz dat dog just ran right around him and went fur me. And once he punted it off me (evfun da kid dat owned it said it sailed 10 feet), it still just stared at me and didn't leave until da owner dragged it away. Dad limped for a week... but I wuz saved. He told Momma he had nevfur heard any animal make as horrible a sound as da scream I made when da dawg had me by da back of da neck. Dat's sayin' quite a bit since he worked some summers on his uncle's pig farm... nuff said.

  8. Congrats on your award. We loved reading your answers!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Congrats Finley!! Great answers! And thanks for passing it on!
    Bailey & Mabel too

    1. Yer welcome! I'm lookin' forward to seein' yer answers!

  10. Oh Barharhar Finley, great answers........congrats to you on the what I need copied and will work on getting it out next week, that OK,,,,and many thanks for passing it to me.

    Da Sus

  11. Congrats, you are one interesting gal.

    Aroo to you,

  12. Congratulations on your pawsome award!!! Wow,,, we got to learn lots about you!!
    Your very , very interesting!


    1. Well, dat's cuz I's a terrier... we's all innerestin'...

  13. Oh Finley it is like I know you up close and personal now. I know the feeling about how when a neighbor moves and someone new is in their old home. It just does not seem right. You are definitely a traveling girl! Congrats on getting the Liebster.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. It just ain't right.... I still ain't sure dey didn't steal Harry....

  14. Replies
    1. Sorry it took so long, Frisbee! RRRrrrAAaaAAAAArrrr!

  15. Oh Finley, I feel I know you so much better now. Those were great answers.
    And thank you so much for nominating me for the award. I admit I do feel flattered and therein lies the problem. Gail has always banned me from accepting ANY blog awards, on the grounds that I am quite big-headed (metaphorically if not literally) already.
    So thanks again, but I'm afraid I shall have to decline
    Toodle pip!

    1. Dat's okay, Bertie... some pupses likes 'em, some don't.

  16. It may say Donna, but it is me (Demon Flash Bandit writing this, i would hate s
    ummer in your neck of the woods, but we huskies love winter weather. I know

    1. Gud to hear frum ya, Demon! I couldn't take a winter full of da white stuff-- butt I knows you would luv it!


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