Saturday, May 23, 2015

It wuz my 9th Birthday!

It wuz my 9th birthday yesterday! I gots some toys-- a Pink Panther and a monkey from my Momma and Daddy and a efalant from Whitley and her Momma -- and her Momma made me a dress, too!! It are real purdy-- it's got whales and anchors on it!

Freckles and Growlmy wuz so nice to send me a birthday pic... Thanks so much, I luvs it!!

Dis are whut I looked like when I furst got here.... two floppy ears instead of just da one dat I gots last year cuz of my aural hematoma!

Dinn't I look like a tuff customer??? bol, bol

I luvs openin' presents--I jumps up and grabs 'em right outta da tisshoo papers-- I's super duper speedy at it!

And da eats!!! Momma made me a real citrus cake wiff tangereens and lemons.... ya know how I luvs tangereens!!! Yummo!! Dey made me pose wiff it and I snuck a lick in... Momma said dat would be da part I would get. Hmmm.... if I had known dat, I'd a licked da whole cake!

I ate dat cake up so fast... whooooooooosh!!!

Us pups also gots mini cheezburgers!!! Jackpot!!

Doze wuz also gone lickety-split!! 

It has been rainin' and rainin' still.... maybe I shoulda asked fur an ark fur my birthday....

Here's sum flowers fur yer weekend... it are too late fur Flower Friday....

Tropical Hibiscus




Tropical Hibiscus


Bearded iris Zandria

Bearded Iris

Tropical Hibiscus


Yellow rose.... Graham Thomas

Dis are dianthus

Momma put dis photo up fur Dory.... dis is a Pelargonium, but it are commonly called a geranium.

Dis here is a real geranium.... dey are also called cranesbill.

Bark ya later, gators..............

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away.... Bikes, Baskits, Blooms, and a Fond Farewell to Goose

Well, as Whitley has been tellin' ya, we has had our fill of da rain. And then sum. But dere are no end in sight... rain is predickted fur da next week or year or sumthin'.... sigh.

Has I told y'all how I hates a wet canvas? I hates a swampy one more. Ya would think we's livin' in da Everglades or sumthin' instead of da Blackland prayeree.

Momma ordered a new bike fur herself and one fur Whit's Momma, too. Now I ain't too fonda humans on wheels-- just kinda wrong, ya know?

Momma's been sick wiff a coughin' thang dat Daddy gave her. Let's jest say he is still workin' his way outta da doghaus fur dat one! But she are feelin' a lil bit better dis week. (Sunday she felt terribull)... so yesterday she put together their bikes. She were real proud of herself when she got it done and they tested them out by ridin' dem up and down da block. Here they are, in da sunroom...

Me and Whitley barked 'em from da kitchen window....

I might make an excepshun fur dese bikes... cuz Momma tole me dey isn't jest fur her and Whit's momma....

See, she gots sum baskits dat go on da front dat is made fur takin' pups on a ride wiff der folkses. Momma is gonna make baskit liners and pillows fur us to sit on while we ride. And harnesses to make sure we stays in da baskits...bol!

So I's got anudder reezun to hope it stops rainin' sumtime in da forseeabull future. I wants my ride. I wants to be showfurred 'round da nayborhood like da princess I is. I decided to try out da baskit and see whut it wuz like to sit in... purdy gud!

And you knows Whitley. Any chance she gits to ride rather than walk.... well, she'll be all fur dat!

I agreed to let Momma show ya a few more of da flowerz dey've been havin' bloomin' 'round here...

And last, but certainly not least.... we lost a real gud pal to da Rainbow Bridge dis week.... Goose.

I started my blog back in 2011... but kinda got outta da habit of bloggin' fur a while. Anyways, one of da furstest blogs we found was Goose's. We luved all da wisdom we found dere, and how he and his Momma had such a joy and appreesheayshun fur life and all it offers... plus, his Momma takes real gud photos... we felt we were right dere wiff 'em...When we came back to bloggin' last year, Goose's blog was one of da furstest we commenced to readin' agin... 

We sure will miss ya, Goose... and we sends yer Momma lots of love and prayers fur peace... Ev'ry time I looks at my BadAss dat ya sent me, I'll think of you and smile....

Luv ya, Goose.... furevfur and always......

Bark ya later, gators....