Sunday, May 22, 2016


It's my tenth birthday!! And it's been a purdy gud 'un....

It started out with an eggie weggie brekkie.... toast with bacon and scrambled eggies on top... yum!!

Thanks to Mr. Jack Freckles & Pipo & Minko's Momma fur makin' me dis birthday card-- it wuz so nice of y'all!! 

Can ya believe dey made me wear dis silly hat just so's I could git my Born in Texas cookie!!

It wuz worth it....

Then came toy opening time... I got 10 toys cuz I turned 10!!

Here I is, rippin' into presents .. Momma sez I can open a present in 2.5 seconds or less...

Don't I look happy here? Da Mommaz sed dey wuz glad to see me smile agin... well, I luvs Toys... and nuthin' makes da Queen of Toys happier dan gittin' sum more....

Sum more pics of me and my pressies....

Dis cake one plays da Happy Birthday song...

I gots me a new dragon... hey, dat Danerys on da Game of Thrones ain't da only Mudder of Dragons...hee hee...

Annuder pic of me and my loot...

Ally got me a Davy Crockett duck...bol, bol...

Whitley's Momma made me 3 new jackets... da one I gots on & da 2 above.... and she gave me da chipmunk is is holdin' in da pic up dere and a skwirrel dude, too....

Next up wuz dinnertime... and guess whut? I gots a car ride to Whataburger to git me my own cheezburger!!! And boy, wuz it yummy!!!

Then I got my udder cookie frum Three Dog Barkery... yummo!

Later, my day wuz topped off wiff sum Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream... Blue Bell, da best ice cream in da country.....

It's day best way to top off yer birthday... real ice cream!

Don't forget, Dory is hostin' Dress Up For Whitley day tomorrow.... ya can check out da details on her blog.... 

In udder news, da remuddlers is finished... now da rest-- paintin', fixin' up da cabinets, etc--- is up to my Momma and Travis' Momma to do... but no pics today... cuz today it's all 'bout ME!

Bark ya later, gators!!!


  1. Wowee, Finley! You fur sure had a most wonderfur dogabration of your Birthday Number 10!!

    Growmy says she should have waited for this post to add one of your great pics from today into the frame she used, BOL!

    Glad you liked it though:)

    I thought those pink doggies were trying to eat that cake,at least it looks like the one was hanging on to it,
    Your own cheeseburger, Mmmm!


    1. Thanks so much fur all da birthday wishes and da purdy card... I likes da pic y'all used... back when I had a whole buncha more fuzz than I duz now... durn allergeez!

      Dat pink doggie bedder not try to eat MY cake...grrrr... bol, bol!

  2. Finley happy birthday !'ve got so many prezzies and Yums Yums !

    Didn't know we share same birth date 3 years apart :)
    Mine's over cos it's already 23rd May where we live.


  3. wOw! you gotted lots of squeeky prezzies! Happy birthday and hopes you gets many mores! -Katie Kitty Too.

  4. Happy Birthday Finley. You're looking great today, and no wonder, who wouldn't be happy when given ice cream and a Texas cookie (presumably BIG) on the same day?
    Toodle pip!

    1. Yep, and I ackshually got 3 cookies today!! Da big Texas one (has to be big if it's Texas), anudder big biscotte one, and a doggie oreo kind dat has peanut butter on da middle...

      It wuz a yummtastikal day!

  5. Happy birthday! I's glad we all got some bacon to celebrates!

    1. Thanks fur da birthday wishies, kitties!! And yep, bacon is a great way to celebrate!

  6. Happy birthday to you, Finley (and to me, Roxy) WOW! you certainly got spoilt. We didn't get any ice cream.....sigh. Now, dead that squirrel quick!

  7. HAPPY BURFDAY Finley, what a GREAT day you had! Glad to hear the bacon has reappeared, I haf to admit I was getting all baconed out over here
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. Happy Birthday, Finley! You had the bestest birthday ever! We just love your happy smile☺

  9. Happy Birthday Finley!! What an awesome birthday you had!! We know you are LOVED so very much!!

  10. that cookie is worth nearly efurrything... it looks suuuper tasty! Happy Happy Birthday dear Finley!

  11. Hari OM
    WOOOOHOOOOOOO AND YEEEEEHAAAAAAAAWWWWWW to ya Finley!!! How wonderful that this conincides with DU4W day... you surely did get a spoilin' for your big day and quite right too! (Glad the muddlins are getting closer to ending!) hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  12. Finley what a wonderful way to celebrate you entry into the Double Digit years. Golly gee all that wonderful breakfast and pressies
    Yay you!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  13. What a pawesome bunch of loot you got Finley!!! Jakey really likes watching you rip into your toys!!! We hope you had the bestest birthday ever!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  14. Happy happy barkday to you, Finley!

  15. ♫ HAPPY BELATED BIRFDAY TO YOU FINLEY ♫ omd OMD you got a new toy fur every one of your years///????? THAT is really special and OMD the Foodables to celebrate your big day... THAT all looks so delicious.
    WE are all dressing fur dear Whitley today!!!

  16. Wow Finley you raked in the prezzies today. You gonna need a new toy box for all of them. Sure wish your allergies would go away. The best wishes from Your Iowa pals Luna,Winston and Scooter

  17. Wow Finley you raked in the prezzies today. You gonna need a new toy box for all of them. Sure wish your allergies would go away. The best wishes from Your Iowa pals Luna,Winston and Scooter

  18. happee bee lated birth day two ewe finley....we can see ya hada AWESUM day.....frum eatz & treetz ta toyz & good timez; we iz veree happee for ya....we send bee lated best fishes, dawg bone dishes & most happee wishes fora nother 10 !! heer ta a yeer a head filled with happee nezz & health N may ya get yur own bacon shoppe ☺☺☺♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  19. Happy Birthday Finley! Wow you sure got a boat load of pressies and some great noms too.

  20. Happy Birthday Finley - so good to see you smiling - you sure got spoiled!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  21. Looks like a pawsome birthday Finley. Many happy returns of the day!

  22. Happy Birthday to you, Finley!!! You sure had a very big and very special day!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  23. What a great day! Thanks for sharing and we had so much fun on dressing up for Whitley day!

    Abby Lab

  24. Happy Birthday Finley! We didn't know you had your own blog! Duh! Where have we been?!! Sure looks as though you had the most bestest day in the whole wide world!! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  25. Happy Barkday, Finley! You have the smiliest of faces!!! My momma bought "Blue Bunny" ice cream thinking we finally had the same ice cream as you. She failed.

  26. Happy 10th birthday my friend!

  27. Wow! What a great day! Look at all the squeaky toys! And yum yums too!

  28. It looks like it is diet time with all of the food that you got for your birthday meals. We love your wardrobe. You are one colorful dresser.HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

  29. Oops! Missed your Birthday! Happy birthday Finley! You sure got a lot of loot. Enjoy!


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